Saturday, March 7, 2009

Words are like toothpaste

Ok, well, not-so-exciting. I got the computer, but as usual, a pc is a letdown. It has no software, and all of mine is for macs. It has no dvd/cd drive, so Ches went to get an external drive. Only another $75. If I don't get one, I can't load my embroidery software that I already have. To get the newest version of the software you buy online and download is $1700. Waahhh. Also, we need a drive if the kids use it to play games (we already have) and watch videos.

Yes, I know. Why didn't we get a bigger computer with a drive already in it? Because all the new bigger pc's have Windows Vista, and my software will only run on Windows XP. Again, because I'm not upgrading. Trust me, it's the cheapest, easiest way to go. Although, I'm really wishing they'd made the software in a Mac version to begin with!

Ok, on with life. Today some mysterious person unrolled all the tp in my bathroom. It couldn't have been an adult, since it wasn't me and the other wouldn't have dared. It couldn't have been the oldest two, as they know better: they'd be using it for the next week. So, it was the shortest of the bunch. He must've had fun! I mean, haven't you always wanted to do it? It is just tempting! I remember reading Ramona Quimby when I was young-and she squeezed ALL the toothpaste out of the tube into the sink! I just loved that! Her mom made her spoon in into a baggie and use it. Gross. And practical. Even now, every time I brush my teeth, I think of her! I'd love to do it just once! I also remember our counselor at my old school teaching the kids a lesson. She'd hold up a travel toothpaste, and tell a story as she squeezed. She would tell them that words are like toothpaste. Once they are out of the tube, they are hard to put back in. : ) Cute, huh?

Church was very good. Father John talked about what he's missed by devoting his life to the church. He said he used to miss having a wife/celibacy, but now he misses having children and a family. I understand. I used to miss having a family before I had one. It is a big choice. I am thankful he answered the call, I hope he is richly blessed for his choice. Ches tried to be a priest, and later a deacon. They told him to come back when he was older, they just didn't think he was right for it. Can you imagine them turning someone away!? They must have been so prayerful and really listened too! I mean, I'm thankful they were so wise, but wow. Do we listen so carefully about how God is guiding us, or how we are to guide others? Huh. Think I'll listen more.

We went to CFA to eat and let the kids play. Bulletin: We now require two tables. Ches, Me and Ethan at one, and Clay and Mary Claire at another. Our food requires room, plus chair room, etc. Wow. And it went so well. The kids ate so fast, then played. Ethan took longer, but didn't seem to be in a great rush. It was actually a pleasant dinner out! It wasn't crowded either, so I'm sure that helped.

I'll have to post a picture of the kids from the flag ceremony this morning-they were adorable! I think usually older girls do flag ceremonies, but it was impressive to see such young girls be respectful and know what to do! I was so proud of them!

Update (if I haven't already informed you): Triops (in my opinion) aren't real. They must be small ballish pieces of foam. I think they were never really going to grow. We were hunkered down over the lighted, heated, conditioned-shallow-water for no reason. And if they didn't work, you can send another dollar for another set to try again. (Throw more money at it!!)

Oh, and Ches and I have a new bargain. Partially for Lent, as we don't feel like we are foregoing as much as the kids. We are both committing to be more positive. He can fuss about road conditions, upcoming weather, our schedule, and I fuss about messes, things getting done (and on time), and other people's negativity! So, we shall both try to improve. Oh, and you can disregard the above Triops story, as it's probably negatively-biased.

Sleep well, angels, and turn your clocks forward tonight! (How about we think about it as losing an hour of waiting time somewhere instead of an hour of sleep?)


The Ware's said...

Thanks for coming down today Holly - I hope you got the pictures and movie ok! The girls did such a great job!!! I was so proud of them! But after a morning of that, Home Depot Workshop and then the Magic Tree House Family Festival and tutoring tonight - I'm heading to bed - I hope Ethan is feeling better! Poor thing.. poor you! Ugh! Well thanks again! :o)

Anonymous said... can one person do so much in one day? You are like the energizer bunny.

Call me about the ironing. It is no problem, I think I am at your house two days next week, if I am correct? Thursday and Friday?

I was on pain pills all day for an apparent 'catch' in my side, that careened uncontrollably down to my ankles. I remember you phoning, but not much more than that?

Talk to you tomorrow, and lucky girl joining the pc users once again;o) Although I have nothing against mac users.


Holly said...

I lOVE my mac! It's soo easy, and straight-forward. I have trouble even knowing how to copy and paste on the pc! It's going ok...I still haven't added my software..I'm working on it!

Yes, you are right! Thur. for our LR appt with ACH, and Fri about 1:45 for MC's Famous American presentation! Woohoo!