Thursday, March 19, 2009

From the Gym-through the day-to the Hospital!

I'm so worried about Ethan! He fell off his barstool while eating a late lunch, and hit his head and back! He cried for almost 15 minutes! Then was sooo sleepy! I feel awful for him! I called the pediatric clinic, and they said to wake him up every hour or so to make sure he CAN wake up, then to watch his pupils (if they are unequal sizes, that's bad), then to see if he walks straight. Oh, the stress a parent can feel, in the blink of an eye. Does he have a concussion? Won't know for a while. Poor thing. He fell off the bed when he was about 5 months, and I think I was more upset than he was! It's hard to watch your baby cry and be in pain!!

Another late nap for him today-my fault! We went to gymnastics then to Susan's for him to play with Isabella and to help Hannah plan her wedding! How exciting it is! Do you remember getting married? There is sooo much anticipation, and you want everything perfect-it's great. She's getting married the second of January, 2010, which will be here in the blink of an eye! She will get to use the poinsettias in the church, so she will do well with flowers! I want to help her, she is so very sweet! : )

Having a clean house just makes me want to keep it clean! I find myself picking up shoes, returning keys to the hook, and putting the clothes away! My bed is even made-oh, rejoice! Although, I'd love to go lay in it right now... Ok, maybe it keeps me out of it since I don't want to mess it up!

Clay has a boy scout function at Fast Lane tonight! He agreed to let Mary Claire go, but she's not so excited. Why, I don't know. Maybe she thinks it'll be all boys, maybe it's 'cause she's not so good at bowling! Last time we went with JDRF, she rolled the ball so slowly, it got stuck in the gutter and SToPPeD! Someone had to go down and get it! She was embarrassed! We'll see if she ends up going! At the last minute, they always decide they don't want to get left out! I guess an evening with Mom at home looks less intriguing!

Last night, Mary Claire cleaned her room SO well! I didn't really tell her to, but she wanted to "organize" her kitchen stuff in her fridge/sink cabinets/stove at Bedtime! I told her after her (MeSSy!) room was cleaned she could play with them, or organize them. So she got into gear, and seriously did a great job (no stuffing-under-the-bed!).

Okay, I started my post earlier this afternoon, so here's the update:
*update: 10:30pm: home from dr.-he sent us to hospital for CT Scan. An admittance mgr came out and told me the test was several thousand dollars. (!!!) and long story short, that the test had to be pre-approved by our insurance company (which was closed and doesn't allow back-dated pre-certifications, let me remember to injure myself between 8-5), so therefore I had to sign a form that said I'd be responsible for the entire balance (which would also include the radiologist and possibly an anesthesiologist to put him under if he couldn't be still). Umm, what? Why do I have insurance that costs an arm and a leg each month? Oh, now they REALLY want REAL body parts! Ugh, makes me sick. Anyway, talked to dr. he thought he could wait for the test, and may not have to have it. (Since he was obviously fine: running around the waiting area, and actually ran OUT the automatic doors while was on a land line with the dr!! I had to drop it and run like all the other women around!) Now he's in bed, sleeping well, we'll have to wake him once tonight (to make sure he wakes), and will report back to the dr in the am.

I'll report tomorrow, hopefully with better news. I'll post in between volunteering, then lunch out with Jen, then my date tomorrow night! : ) Exciting day! I'll have to find something cute to wear! : ) (As opposed to my uncool baby-gym clothes that wore themselves to the hospital-you never know in the morning what kinds of things will fill your day! : O ) I guess you should always be prepared (like the girl scouts say!)


Anonymous said...

Hope Ethan is feeling okay?

Catch me up?


Anonymous said...

Ok...I just spent the ENTIRE day catching up on your blog.....hadn't had time to read since January....Thanks for the entertainment and I wrote MC a note about her artwork....She is great! I am very impressed! i miss talking to you and i have about 10 or so Carter's $10 off card to send you. i will try to send those off tomorrow....if you can't use them, maybe you know someone who can? talk to you soon! Dana

Holly said...

You are so sweet, thanks! Actually I'm going to the outlets while we are in Nashville this weekend! Thanks! I hate when they just go to waste! I think that's why they started doing those. Who goes back there?!? Hope you are doing well-haven't seen you so much on FB! : )