Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is your life like peanut butter? Recalled Peanut Butter?

I'll tally up the votes in just a minute, but I think I'm at around nine to two! So...Fresh baked cookies are officially better than cookie dough! ..I should have voted more myself! : ) Thank you to my greatest fans-heehee-who voted! And if you didn't-You Missed Out! You could've donated to JDRF on Mary Claire's behalf! I'm donating $11 on another page, and I'll post my receipt link when I get it finished. : ) **My receipt page won't come back up, but you can see the donation on the page below. I must have accidentally pushed the button twice, since there are two donations posted! So, each vote was worth $2!**
Here's our website for 2008 after-walk info (well, our total raised was about $2400, but this was my personal page, since I don't have a "team" page):

What do you do when you have a (kid's) birthday you didn't make it to? I like to send a gift anyway, but Ches thinks not. He says our kids didn't avail themselves of the amenities, so they shouldn't send a gift. Hmm...I think if it was my child, I wouldn't care to not get a gift. BUT, it is not about the parent. It's about the birthday child! The birthday child (and my child!) doesn't understand why that kid's parent forgot about the party, so should they suffer? I used the back of the sweet child's invitation to take notes on for about a week, then forgot the card had a back (front!). Now I feel awful, and want to send a gift to make up. I shouldn't admit I took notes on it (oops!), but it was there, and it was Blog Background Code-Muy Importante! So-gift, or no? Hurry and advise-time's a tickin'! The clock's running out on Late Gift time-more than a week is Really Rude.
Oh-and on that subject... how late is too late to give Christmas gifts? I have been delivering very late ones (not quite a month..), and is it just Too Late? I care about these people, and I just don't see them very often (or am busy and/or forget and/or haven't wrapped them. YET.). It's January already. I have lots of calendars telling me this. I have to move on! It's now a Resolution! : )

It's Thursday again, and Meredith and Christina didn't make up again this week-but Christina did tell Meredith that her high ponytail looks stupid. So they are making progress I think. Sometimes nothing is something. Like when you aren't speaking, but want to, so you make up something dumb to say. Or fumble like when you first got to know each other. It's obvious to the other person, so they take the bait if they want to make up. Life is crunchy, a bit like crunchy peanut butter. And then it's Recalled.

Yep, had to call the school nurse today, and ask her to pull MC's Austin pb crackers from her lunch and trade it for a bag of Ritz bits (thank you, God!) I'd put in her tub last Friday! Since they are pulled from shelves due to a recall of the pb paste they use made by PCA. You know, if you were wondering. Here's the link, and I'm not skilled in linking it yet, and can't figure it out tonight, as I'm tired. Click and paste in your browser, people.

Ok, more exciting news! Did you hear about the plane that landed on the Hudson River (Landed, not Crashed!) and all 155 people lived!? I want him to fly MY plane! That's skill! Ok, and can we get to the problem? A BIRD flew into the engine and caused it to fail. Have we NOT figured this one out yet?? Could we put, oh, I don't know, netting/caging over the intakes or something? Kind of like the netting around the Empire State building-to "protect" suicidal jumpers and people on the ground from evil falling trash? At least they are all safe. Can we all say a big, "Praise the Lord!" and "Bless their Hearts"? I mean, can you imagine? My life would have passed before my eyes. I always think I'd be calm, but I probably know better. I'm thankful I was at home playing games (Connect 4, Whac-a-Mole, Cranium Caraboo, Legos, Color Tiles, Hard Cracker Barrel Triangle Game, and coloring!), instead of flying out of New York!

If I don't talk to you this weekend, I hope you have a good one. We pray for each of you daily on the way to school (well, sometimes we ask Him to bless all our friends and family-that's you!), and we hope you have a safe and fun January weekend-whether with your family or shopping in the sun!

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