Thursday, January 29, 2009

More stick. Oh, and the licking of the shoes.

Space Center Houston and the Galveston Coast/Beach were priorities today...We saw a jellyfish, gathered lots of shells, sand, sand dollars, wrote our names in the sand, it was great! Then at the space center, we rode the flight simulator, played with lots of expensive toys, and played together in the Martian Matrix with the kids. Even Ches and I went in and made it down the slide (barely!).

We also went to a small shopping area and bought some more clothes. It's pretty warm here, so we got some shorts and some short-sleeved shirts. Clay is out of clothes, Ethan has one more set in his backpack as back-up clothes, and Mary Claire wore her Valentine Target outfit today. We had no idea we'd be gone this long!

Dad went by the house today, and the stick/spear goes into the house about 16 inches he said. We are still working on getting it removed and repaired... Our State Farm agent is getting someone to come and repair the hole. There is water on the floor, so that'll have to be taken care of too (shall I insert, Woohoo, new carpet!?). We have an adjuster coming when we get back-she said to call her when we get home, and she'll come over to check out our house. There's fencing broken, guttering bent and hanging, about 4 feet of deck rail busted, tons of huge limbs down all over the yard, and STiLL no electricity.
We've heard that after 29 hours food in the refrigerator is bad, so we'll be doing lots of grocery shopping. We also learned that if your fridge leaks out water, mildew can build up, then you shouldn't use that fridge anymore. It's all just new to us.

Well, let's see, funny things today:
*Ethan now eats piles of blueberries. From measuring spoons. While in the tub. And pistachios.
*He has learned to tease today! He was licking (did I stutter?) the bottom of his shoes (to get the sand), and saying, "Mmmm, good!" So, I started grossing out, saying yuck!! and took off his shoes. He kept saying, "Mama?" and when I'd say, "What?" he'd say, (Slurp noise) "Mmm, good!" over and over and over. He thought he was so funny. Yeah, the Bottom of his shoes.
*My kids now have a breakfast routine. They put on their shoes (yes, with jammies) and we go downstairs. Today, they told me what they wanted on the way down. Ah, but they change it up every now and then. No pancakes today, just french toast! Mary Claire was very sad.
*Ches had a conference call today at 7pm, so we were driving back from the Space Station. Our hotel has dinner available most nights. So, I called the hotel from my cell phone and when the receptionist answered, I asked, "What's for dinner tonight?" I wonder if they get that call often! (She didn't even ask if I was staying here!)

Weird things today:
*Mary Claire went higher aFtEr I changed her site! Scared us-we would've had to drive home I think!
*Every time we come back to our hotel room, our kitchen sink is Super Shiny. Housekeeping must clean, polish, and dry the sink. Really Super Shiny.
*I'm in the dressing room trying on clothes, and my insurance claims guy calls. He's talking to me about my stick/hole (heehee), and I'm all huffing, trying to hurry to try things on, and get back to the car where Ches and the kids are waiting, and he wants me to write his number down, and I don't want him to know I'm trying on clothes while my Roof Is Punctured.
*Does a stick through your roof count?

Bad things today:
*Grey's Anatomy was a rerun. : (
*Worse? They promised a crossover event (Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice), and I watched the whole next show waiting for more of Grey's Anatomy-Not. It's not till next week, AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
*Lexi is now peeing/pooping at Gigi's house. And not on papers.

(ps-no dinner tonight at the Residence Inn-we had to grab dinner at the mall-and ride the carousel. Ethan chose a frog.)

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