Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is there a fireman in your jammies?

At it again today:
I've cleaned up a spilled bowl of Cookie Crisp (only on weekends) from my kitchen floor, stabbed my knee on a carpet tack in the process-yes the mess extended out to the hearth room-of cleaning it up on my hands and knees (note to self: must get one of those cool cleaner-bot-things), I have started monogramming fabric soon-to-be-pump-pouches, I have fought with the machine since it mangled the thread the first time, then knotted up (and had to get new fabric/new stabilizer on back, new thread...), now it might be done with the first one (I set a strangely lofty goal of making 8 or 9-ha!), and because it was Hobby Lobby fabric (think thin-not interior fabric), some of the bobbin thread came through-ugh. It was white. On red dot fabric with navy monogram. So, I've been stressed. Self-induced, but nonetheless. Next, was Ethan complaining and pulling at his jammies, only to find a FIREMAN in his leg down near the footie. So, I yelled up the stairs to Clay, "Did you put a fireman in his jammies?" to which I received silence. Again with the yelling up, again with the silence. Confirms a solid yes. Eventually he came to the door and said no. Still a yes.

Then Ethan and the bath, again. He wanted into the gated area (with me and Lexi) then wanted into the tub. Of course. So then while I was in the closet, he started screaming, "No, no pee-pee!" so I ran out there, and Lexi was eating her poop, again. (Way to tell Mommy, Ethan!) She loves to do this. Does she think I hate the actual poop when she does it on the carpet, so she thinks she must consume it? Ugh. Poop breath. At least I can let her run around the house now, since threat of Poop is gone. Now the rule is
she has to be held by someone in their arms or she's locked up in the laundry room or my bathroom (yes, with food, water and a bed). I can NOT have poop and pee in my carpet. I am fReAkiNG out, people!!!

Ok, it's now a few hours later...
We made it to the JDRF family event at Fast Lane, and met quite a few new families! They were so sweet. I remember being sooo new at this. I think I cried for a year. It seems so much more stressful/life-changing for the parents than for the child. It's just tough to adjust and to learn to give insulin, count carbs, and change your life-meal schedule (keeping with a time schedule), meal planning (getting in all food groups each day), cleaning out your house of junky food and candy (or hiding it), getting faux excited over the NeW Cinnamon Streusel Mini-Wheats (woo-hoo!), finding ways to make insulin cool (not many) (except cool meter purses and fashionable, monogrammed pump pouches!), etc. Anyway, I'd like to make the new kids each a pump pouch as they transition to pump therapy. I'm working on two new ones, and the others don't know which pump they are getting-each brand is a different size. It's like a right of passage to transfer to pumping. I couldn't explain it-it's like being in a club you don't want to be in. We have new stuff to talk about, and now I get to teach! I had so much trouble being new, and no one to talk to when Mary Claire was diagnosed. I got one person's name and phone number, and that person was too busy talking on her other line about what she was going to wear to lunch (while I could hear the whole conversation). It was so rude, and that was my sad introduction to life with diabetes. I hope to make it better for other new kids and parents. It sucks all the way around. For life.

Anyway, I talked for so long and so much, that we left late. I called Ches, and Ethan was still asleep. Since he's had a runny nose, I figured it was better that I not expose all the kiddies at the party to our nasty germs. I dropped off Nora's gift (a dress-up dress! So adorable.) and picked up my new Stampin' Up! catalog. I've been too busy to check it out yet, but I'm excited. Those ladies are creative!! Just the pages fill my head with ideas! : )

So, we ran by Sam's and got milk, eggs, and gum (Ches' third favorite thing in the world) for the big snowstorm. You know, just in case. We'll be storing them out in the ice if the electricity goes off, but we'll have frozen eggs if you're hungry! When I got home, there was more poop in the living room, and Lexi had dried poop around her mouth-well, matted around her mouth. Again, with the poop-eating. Ches gets so grossed out (like I don't!), so he saved it for me. I cleaned up the carpet. Then we made dinner, Ches and Clay went to church, and I gave Mary Claire, Ethan, and Lexi baths-not all together. We watched a little Annie, read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Curious George, and off to bed. Now, I'm still working on pump pouches. My iron was heating up, but I bet it's kicked off by now, being all safe and everything.

There's a big storm coming tomorrow around noon. There'll be freezing rain, sleet (not the same thing?), some snow, and maybe an inch accumulation of ice. That'll break off trees and limbs, and maybe shut down power for up to a week. If so, we'll be traveling south for a small vacation when it's safe to drive. We don't suffer well. If you don't hear from me, you'll know we lost power, and I'm missing my internet! Have a great week if I don't see you!


The Ware's said...

I hope that Ethan is feeling better - it was great to see you today - even though it was quick.. Nora loves her dress - when she opened it she said - "sooo pretty".. :o)

Gigi said...

My darling: If you have the good fortune to be iced or snowed in on Monday, forget all the 'things to do', throw away all your lists of chores, and gather your family around you and do nothing. Listen to the happiness your children can give you and I promise you it will recharge your batteries.

Let it be a day free from any stress whatsoever.

If the weather is clear, I will help you catch up on Tuesday and if it isn't clear, you can come and get me or else get a second day of recharging.

And hold Lexi so no more accidents happen. I know how miserable the messes can be. She can't help it, she doesn't know any better.

And remember, you don't need permission from anyone to say 'No', just do it with a genteel manner and a smile on your face.

With love to you..

Holly said...
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Holly said...

Woo-hoo! a day together! Yes, they are so sweet. and funny. We were at Jose's last night, and the kids were making up jokes. They are just so cute, and getting smarter every day! Ethan gives me these big hugs where he wraps his arms around my neck (or my shoulders today, like he was going to look into my eyes (since he has short arms), then leaned his head into my neck. Precious.
I'd LoVe to have you come Tuesday! I think that's the day we'll be snowed in. Ches thinks the kids will get out early on Monday, then miss Tuesday, possibly Wednesday. I just hope they are home, but we have electricity! Ches was going by Blockbuster on the way home-I don't know if he got any movies (I've been listening to Satellite Sisters and Sewing) (and sipping sangria and sucking pistachios) I love alliteration! : )
The amazing thing is, I feel like I HaVe been holding Lexi, I'm just not here all day. It's hard to hold her and make dinner, hold her and give the kids baths, etc. I do keep her right beside me though.
I'll practice my "no", I really do suck at it. Chemical imbalance or inherited from my father? Hmm...
I'm planning to come get you Tuesday! : )

Holly said...

Sandra-I am so happy she liked the dress! I just thought it was precious, and Mary Claire loved it. I'm glad it wasn't her size, or she would've tried it on right away! : )
I hope she had a good birthday!

Holly said...

Ok, I didn't post secret dirty words above, but it didn't sound right, and you can't edit it! So don't worry your pretty little head about my mess-ups and deletions! the comment requirement to sign in or have a login/membership are no longer valid. You can be any Pat and leave a message. Just click Name/Url, and insert your favorite name!

Anonymous said...