Monday, January 19, 2009

The Appointment

I feel somewhat more caught up today! I'm still working on takes me about 6 loads now to do all our laundry-too much! It used to be about three! Do I talk about laundry a lot? I guess it's because it's MY LIFE. And vacuuming. More today...

As you know, today was my ladyparts doctor appointment. Ahem. I took longer than usual to get myself all ready (washing, shaving and all) so I panicked when I had to get dressed. I had worn all my workout clothes (think light clothes and shoes!) so I had to find something light to wear!
I hadn't unloaded the van YET so I didn't get to wear anything new. I picked a white thin long-sleeved T with a cute shirt over it and jeans. I had no idea how cold it was, but I was relatively light. So, I froze outside! I only took a vest to wear-it was 31 degrees outside! Freezing cold! But it kept my mind occupied! ..I even started to worry about my jeans leaving marks (you know, the button imprint on your tummy that reminds you of all the dessert you had this weekend?) on me as I drove. Then I worried about me getting nervous, sweaty, and clammy, all at once . What causes this crazy obsession? I'm normally so sane! (Ha.) I'd already had the crazy issue with my toenails-I'd forgotten I had an appointment till Ches reminded me last night, so let's just say my last pedicure has been a long time ago... So, I took my sweet little tiny socks to wear for the stirrups (and keep my feet warm while waiting).

I didn't cry till I drove away, and I didn't have a darn phone to call anyone. It woke me up at 5am beeping low battery, so I plugged it in and there it charged all day. I made it alone. I returned a couple things and picked up a few groceries. I kept reaching for the phone, but had none. It was hard! I'm used to using it for every little thing. Consulting with Ches over groceries we need, checking on the kids, seeing what Mom needs and how she's doing (waiting till she asks about the Appointment), complaining and getting reassurance about my trauma (not too bad), etc. Anyway, the Appointment went okay. My doctor is always soooo nice, but ugh. He has to touch me-which, of course, is uncomfortable. I don't know why I have to go every year. I even had to pay a CoPAY for a WELL visit! Whatever. I don't think that's right, but I just wanted out of there. So, I paid. Can't say more. HIPAA laws and all.

My cute story of the day: Mary Claire came home from school Friday, dropped her coat and backpack, and told me that everyone told her that Jacob hearted her. And she wanted to know what that meant. What would you say?

Ches got some of his payback for watching the kids this weekend. He went to see Defiance tonight, well, just got home. He said it was really good. He saw Valkyrie last week, and Mom is asking him now if he saw The Boy In the Striped Pajamas. I don't know what these movies are all about-I haven't seen the previews, and can't make it to see all these! Ches loves movies, and they are a great "time-out" for him and he likes to learn. I have stuff to do! We go see the funny ones, but movies for me are for fun-entertainment only. I have enough real life! I'll learn when the kids are grown. : )

When we were in Branson, we closed the outlet stores at 9, then made our way over to Target (both nights!) to help close them down! After the final "make your way to the front of the store as your local Target store is now closed" I finally found an employee to get my last prize! I found one of those great little yellow men with the red flag that stand in your street and have "SLOW" on their chest. I call them the slow kids. The guy thought it was funny, and retreived the prize. It's sooo immensely satisfying to leave with sale things! Did I mention it was on SALE?-only $15! Woo-hoo! I think I've mentioned that we live on a cul-de-sac. Pretty short street-with two houses and all. I got it for my mom's street-maybe to save my kids' lives? They play Nascar on her road. It's "How Fast Can We Get The Car Going Before We Have To Slam On The Brakes For Our Driveway" over there. I mean, it's a dead end street like mine. They either have to pee really bad-every time they come home- or they are in a race against the clock to beat yesterday's time. They are crazy! Mom has taken to throwing a ball out in the street when they get up to cruising speed (about halfway down the street/in front of her house). They slam on the brakes, turn the wheel, and look for the kid following it. Highly Effective, but I'm hoping the kid with the flag hanging in the street helps some.

Again with the "Must hit the hay!" It's 11:30pm, and my significant other has (for once ever) beaten me to bed!


Gigi said...

Busy Mom Busy Mom

You Must Take the Time

To Smell the Roses (coffee?)

But no matter, whatever you do

You will always shine!

The Ware's said...

I think I'm a day late responding about this but I just read the past few days' posts to catch up - we are planning on trips too for the summer.. trying to figure out where to go with Morgan's parents in August. I'd like to take a trip just the 4 of us somewhere but need to figure out where.. I love traveling but lately it's always been with other family or to see other family.. etc. :o) Well, hope today is less stressful than yesterday - hope to see you this weekend.. :o)

Holly said...

We haven't been out East is sooo long-7 or 8 years, so that's why we decided. I'm trying to think of somewhere for you and your family to go, but I think you've been everywhere. Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Painted Dessert? San Francisco, San Diego Zoo (I love that city!!), Corpus Christi, TX, Gulf Shores, AL, St. Louis again? We are heading to Nashville-it has a TON to do, have you been there? AND Pottery Barn outlet is on the way there!!!!! (Memphis) ps. We'll be at Nora's party Sunday! We have the JDRF family event till 2:30, but that'll give us 30 minutes to transition, then make it south to see you! : )

The Ware's said...

I miss the DC area for all the neat stuff to see out there - close things.. here it's more of a 9-10 hour drive if not more.. but there's so much to explore! :o) We'll have to come up with something... what's Monument Valley - haven't been there - and your pictures from the National Glacier Park - where is that - the pictures are beautiful! I'd love to get to Yellowstone but that's longer than a long weekend will allow. :o)
I'm so excited that you guys can make it to the party - Nora is very excited!!! :o)

Holly said...

Glacier National Park is in Montana. (See: Monument Valley is on the state line of Utah/Arizona. It's awesome! I can't remember how they are formed. It's red sand/clay that the wind has eroded into massive (50-60 ft. and higher) statue looking monuments. They are all named for what they look like: Elephant, hand, three women. (See: If you head that way, you might as well see the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest (See: Very Educational! You could always stay in AR and go to Hot Springs then go diamond digging at Murfreesboro! (See: