Sunday, January 18, 2009

Didn't Plan Well-Shop (Feast on Desserts) All Weekend and Dr. on Monday?

Goodness-what a weekend! I've officially Dropped from Shopping. Even this morning I was starting to seriously slow down-I was really getting tired! I drove back this afternoon just in time to work on the Daisies' scrapbooks-well, get them ready. I cut paper for the backgrounds (they are making 6x6 books), make page titles, journaling spots with lines (they are in K and 1st grade!), and some added details... I didn't get all the pictures cut before I went, so I had to work on those a little at our meeting. The girls did an awesome job! I just gave them the stuff and told them to put it together, and it was amazing! They cut on the pictures (which I don't do too much), but they made all the pictures fit, and it was so personal. I was excited. We only did two layouts, but we'll keep working on it! : )

Well, WhAT a weekend! It was so much fun!! We definitely got amazing deals. On one of our receipts, it said we'd saved $319. Ha! With all the 70% off sales at Nautica, the 50% off clearance prices, 30% off new stuff at Gap (plus our 10% off coupon from the booklet), etc. We did well! We were getting shirts for $2-$5! Well, winter stuff. We found winter coats at Osh Kosh, Gap, and Nautica for $21. Crocs were buy one, get one half price (yes, they are ugly and awful, but my kids like them and they are fast). I got jewelry at Old Navy for $1.75 each (originally $14!). Okay, so I got tons of stuff for spring that WaSN't on sale (except for my Tanger coupons)... I got a lot at Gymboree (they have a coupon in the booklet now!!), did I say a lot!? I got tons of stuff for spring, but not so much on sale. They are lines we've already had, last year, but I got different stuff. The sweetest manager, Dena, wasn't there Friday night when we marathon-shopped, but we ran into her the next night at Gap!! So we still got to see her, and we made a new friend at Gap too! We've gotten to be regulars. We even know the lady at the Tanger office now. (She's going to Florida on Tuesday!!) It may be crazy, but we love it. I even got some stuff for me-adorable new capris, pinstriped pants (navy/white), a hot navy/cream silky top-for dress-up (don't know when I'll wear it, but you gotta be ready for anything!). I can tell you that navy and yellow are the Colors Of The Year!! They are everywhere-Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Gap, Nautica, and right on down to Old Navy and Target! I mean LOTS of Navy, LoTS of Bright Yellow. Get Ready. Do you have the must-have colors of the season? I'm not a style-watcher, but I do like to have a few things (okay, twenty) that are current. My style is pretty classic, but I can update each season with a few of the new colors or new jewelry. I love white, black, pink, and blue (and red..). I just throw in other colors each season. Denim? My fave! I always have plenty of denim-from dark trouser pants to long, cut off, frayed favorite jeans (mainly because it's faster than getting them hemmed!).

Extra Info:
We stayed in the hotel that was hosting most of the ice carvers (yep, you heard right) for the big competition this weekend outside the Titanic attraction. We first saw a massive (frozen) anchor with rope on Friday night, and as we got closer we could see a quarter moon wearing a stocking cap. That night we ran into lots of over-dressed, friendly, bearded men in the lobby jof our hotel. We were just being polite, but when we saw their Plans (!) and big boots, and then Machinery!! we had to ask what was going down! We learned of the big competition, and it became the conversation-what're you making?, are you amateur or pro? (pros had to be done by 2:30-we're good listeners), etc. Then on Saturday when we stopped for our lunch break at 2:50, we drove over to see how it was going. There were so many people there to watch the amateurs finish up, and to see the judges making the rounds. When we stopped back by about 10:20pm (on the way to dinner), some were melting, but others surprisingly made it! (Friday the high was about 23 degrees, but Saturday it got up to 50.) They were all just amazing-the most astonishing to me was that these people do all that work, then their statues melt, and their art is gone. We saw the marlin and lizard on a tree (from our hotel friends), a boy, a beta fish, a dragon sitting on a ball, a big phallic symbol of some sort, and a Marilyn Monroe. It was very neat, but we never got to tell them 'good job'. I guess it goes with Disappearing Art.

At dinner tonight the kids asked me why I never call them names anymore, like sweetie pea, honeybun, cutie pie, cutie patootie, etc. I didn't realize I'd stopped. I made it a point to call them lots of names this evening (heehee). I'm so glad they felt confident enough to ask me why. I guess I just phased it out as we had Ethan, and I thought they were too old for little names. I was wrong. They want cutie names just like a little kid. Just as much as I don't want them to grow up, they don't want to grow up. Precious. Yeah, I don't want to grow up either. : )

We've begun the planning for our summer vacation. We plan to go up to Philadelphia, over to Ocean City, NJ, and down to DC for a couple days. We've decided to drive (gas, van, time, and all) so that we can let the kids watch videos, stop off at the Indianapolis Children's Museum (been there-about 5 or 6 stories of pure *learning* fun!), then we can take our time, stay at the beach, then let Clay see the Museum of Natural History in DC, take in the sights, and make our way back home. We've never taken Ethan on a big trip, so it'll be interesting. We're making a practice run at the end of March. We're driving to Nashville for a Lifesavers Conference (not candy, real Life Saving Safety), and some entertainment. We'll see how the drive goes! : ) Say a prayer for us!

Just mopped the bathroom, wood floor, and part of the kitchen. Seems Lexi only partially understands about peeing ON the papers, not just near them (and in other rooms if the need arises). Oh, and the orange juice accident in the kitchen. I actually made dinner (absolutely wonderful pork chops-from Sam's, peas, and Twice the Blueberries muffins). It counted as cooking, so I was feeling pretty good! I'm worn out now after all my magic-making. It's very hard and tiring to be a (try to) do-it-all person. And tomorrow is the big Yearly Doctors Appointment. Scary. I used to cry every year, I hated it. I like my ob/gyn now, so it's not so bad. I can't say I don't cry at least sometimes, but less so. I'm getting back to normal, hormonally speaking, after last week so maybe I'll be sane tomorrow. The receptionist at the doctor's office wanted to make my appointment last week-Can I say, "Gag me with a spoon?" And I said, "ABsolutely NOt!!", and she said, "Why? It doesn't bother him." Ok, creepy. Creepy that he doesn't care, creepy that she doesn't. I'd never schedule someone that week! The week of the blood bath? Are they crazy¿ (hey-how'd I make that?) Not only would it be Gross, but also I'd weigh more, feel self-concious, be unreasonable, irritable, angry if he was running late (delivering a baby downstairs!), and be quite tender. No. Way. José. Ok, must work out, lighten up (yes, literally), and get some sleep (Angie woke me at 8:30am to get to the outlets by their 10am opening time!).

Must begin the Unpacking of the Van-it seems to be littered with shopping bags. Let you know how the dr. goes tomorrow. (Thinking of Light Clothes to wear...)

ps-Krispy Kreme in Branson only has Hot Now from 6:15-9:15am and 7-9pm. Just FYI.


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Busymom is very busy indeed! Hope your time in Branson went very well. See you on Tuesday.

:makes a note of HOT NOW at Krispy Kreme (just in case I am in the area)

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