Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies, Heart Attack, and a Recipe-though not necessarily related

I've spent all my computer time (and cleaning time, and cooking time, and laundry time..) on my background research (heehee) to work on making new backgrounds. Finding them isn't just enough, but aquadots will do for a few days till I can spend a little more time on it. I made a cute faded dot with Pooh quote, but I kept getting the quote too big, then Firefox shut down on me. Yes, really. I only had 11 tabs open. It was just too much. So, I updated to version 3, and here I am!

Things I Never Thought I'd Say:
No! Don't get your blanket in your poop! (And worse: Then it'll take an hour to wash and dry it and you won't have it for nap!)

I survived yesterday's small crisis, and slept hard last night. I thought we weren't going to keep our puppy-Serious. I was upset, we were all upset, long story... So I was taking her over to Gigi's to let her spend the night, but then I stayed, calmed down, baked Pumpkin Spice Muffins (see yummy recipe below!) and decided to take her home. It was traumatic. I just wasn't sure the kids were ready-they've been rough with her, and I was thinking only of her. And, thinking of her, I didn't want her to have to get used to another home when this is what she knows. So, I decided to keep her with me even more.

Lexi is doing better-she's already made 3 pees, and 1 poop-on papers! Yay! I should just figure out how to make tally marks. : ) She's getting better, and I'm getting more attached. I was trying to leave me out of the equation yesterday, but maybe I can't!

We went to the Girl Scout Cookie Kickoff! So, today is the first official day we can sell cookies! (and I left the forms at Gigi's) We'll get right to work! If you want any, let me know. We also have service organizations to give the cookies to if you don't eat cookies (Our troop is sending them to Support the Troops-NWA and Shiloh Health and Rehab). You still buy them, but we give them away. They have a new baker-I think I mentioned it.. Anyway, they have the really old names: Caramel Delite is now Somoa, the Peanut Butter Sandwiches are now Do-Si-Do's, the old shortbreads are now Trefoils, the yummy peanut butter patty (with Chocolate) is now Tag-a-long. But good ol' Thin Mints get to keep the same name!

Do you ever wonder about your friend's health, but you can't say anything? It's a catch-22 (or 44!). If you notice them looking poorly, and ask them if anything's wrong-there are four things that could happen: One, there is something wrong, and they are so relieved you know them well enough to notice. Two, they don't know you well enough, and are offended you'd ask. Three, there is nothing wrong, and they are mad that you think they look "bad"! Fourth, and most rare, they don't think they're sick, but admit they should get more sleep, or have a physical. So, do you ask them about it, or wait-and-see, hoping they don't die? Seriously.

I was helping Clay's class with writing yesterday morning, and I was working with a sweet little girl. She was writing about her cat, Mouse. It was very funny-she showed me how Mouse runs on the wood floor when she chases her! And she wrote all about what she liked about Mouse and about her favorite paw. Isn't is precious how little kids can focus their thoughts on one tiny thing for a long time? I have trouble focusing without my mind jumping to the 18 things I could or should be doing at any one time. I think that's why I like to go-to focus my mind off myself for a little while. It's like Simpler Times.

Well, the other big thing that happened, is Nurse Patty probably had a Heart Attack! She couldn't get up, was in excrutiating pain-like a knife stabbing her!-when it happened, so she couldn't check Mary Claire (she checked herself, and was fine). The biggest shocker was that she didn't call 911-nor did anyone else! She stayed there, scheduled a dr's appt, and was planning to stay until Nurse Tracy got there! Was she MAD!? I came in about 11am, and she was STiLL there! I asked if she'd had any aspirin yet, and how did she feel? She said that the pain wasn't too bad-She's A Nurse! I ran to the gas station and got her some BC powder, which she took, and I made her leave. What's with women? Why do they have to care for everyone else and put themselves last??!! If you don't make it, you can't serve everyone anymore! Ok, so has anyone heard how Patty is? I'm so worried about her!

Lesson Learned: I left the school, went to WM (always WM-everyday for something), and got aspirin for the school, aspirin for home, and baby aspirins for me to take every day. My family has heart disease and high blood pressure, I'm not taking any chances! So, I had one of the little gems today. At first it's candy-like, and I could see why kids could OD, but then the bitterness kicked in. Nope, one a day is enough.

Please pray for Patty and her heart. And my beloved: take a baby aspirin every day. If only to live to serve others for another day.

Here's your recipe, that's not guaranteed not to cause heart palpitations!
Pumpkin Muffin Recipe:
Can Pumpkin
Box Spice Cake Mix (think Betty Crocker)
Bag MINI Chocolate Chips

Mix together pumpkin and cake mix well. Stir in chocolate chips. Mixture will be thick like cookie dough! Put into mini muffin tins and bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. Makes about 48. Yummy! : )


Gigi said...

YUMMY muffins to eat today. Thank you very much for your hard work!

Maybe you should ring Tracey to find out about Patty?

A baby aspirin a day keeps the grim reaper away.

The background to your blog is certainly sufficient, in fact it is substantial, but of course not up to your flair for decorating. You will find the backgrounds that you seek!

Two boxes of thin mints please?

and by Albert Einstein:

Imagination is more important than knowledge.


What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? Vincent van Gogh

Holly said...

Okay, for you I shall create a background with one of your quotes-maybe the second one! I'm certainly learning! : )