Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snotty Raisin

I'm very tired of seeing the Popcorn Balls and my sideshot from Sam's. I must post new pix soon! maybe I'll take random pictures around the house and you have to guess what/where they are! Lots of fun for you! : ) Do I smell a contest??

Really happened: Ethan kept toying with the idea of sticking a raisin up his nose.. We kept telling him "No!" and before long, he was yelling and screaming (yep, it was stuck). So, we tried to pinch/push the side of his nose to no avail. Finally, we held his napkin up to his nose and said, "Blow!" and he did! We got excited over a snotty raisin. Ever happen to you?

Ever go in my mom's bathroom and wonder why she's painting again? If I tell you, do you promise not to tell her? She keeps telling me not to put it in my blog, but it's too funny I tell her! Big Dog (yes, her name), the big black lab, likes to chase skunks. It's a country dog. She backs them in a corner, and they have one defense: to spray the living daylights out of her. So, she saunters back to the house stinking to High Heaven. Well, the old cure is a bath in tomato sauce (do you see where this is going?). Mom was out of tomato sauce, but had tomato paste (same only more concentrated, yes?). She (after much work, and one leg at a time) got Big Dog in the bathtub, then wet her and proceeded to rub her down in TOMaTo PaSTe! If only I'd had a camera (and been there). So, she tried to rinse her down, to no avail. Paste is pretty thick. So she pulls the curtain, tells her to "Shake!" and SHAKE she does! All over the walls, ceiling, everywhere! But, there's a little less on the dog. Insert happy face. She finally gets the dog cleaned, but now there's a paint job coming to the sweet dog bathing area. See, now you know why she paints. Things happen.

Ok, my personal best at Super Hula Hoop is 1067 *Calorie Incinerator*! Woohoo! What's yours? I can't make it to four stars on Rhythm Boxing. I think my batteries are starting to wear down (imagine that!) in my controller. When I'm punching with my left hand with the nunchuk, sometimes it doesn't score me. So, I'm sure I'm truly four star, if only in my mind. What's your best game??

Ok, my new favorite thing: Satellite Sisters. Hilarious, pee-your-pants-great! : ) They are five of eight sisters who are so funny! They have news, hilarious stuff, and lots of talk. EVery day they have Comfy Couch, Entertainment, Int'l News, Lab Rats (new products tested)-I just LOVE IT! I downloaded about 50 of their podcasts last year, and have only just started listening to them all (on the trip to and from Branson)! Now, I'm addicted. They feel like my new best friends! : ) They even tell you not to listen if you are driving (of using for an alarm beside your sleeping husband like me...) because of wrecks in ditches and alarming your spouse!! I got a new alarm (iHome from Target), and it's great to listen to these awesome ladies in the morning! I don't want to hit Snooze! : ) And you can use your computer like a Radio if you have no iPod! : ) Here's there website: http://satellitesisters.com/ You can click, copy, and paste. You'll be pleased, I promise! : )

Tonight is Bunco with my church ladies! : ) They are so fun, and we add wine to our menu-making for a very adult evening (No pacis, no kids, no spit-up shirts-we're fancy!) You don't know fun till you put 12 ladies together with dice, great FooD, chocolate always, and wine! It's like the best party every month! I've been getting ready...Laundry almost done, bathroom cleaned, blogging early, already Wii'd, already registered to win the Bag Grab with Banana Republic (bananarepublic.com) and registered for the $25,000 Room-a-Day Giveaway on the View's website (http://abc.go.com/daytime/theview/index) and the instant win game! I just have to call the 800 number to get all my peanut butter crackers refunded. I shop at Sam's and therefore have tons that have to be thrown away!

ps-Happy Birthday to Renee today! : ) My childhood friend is 36! Sure she'd love that posted... Hope your day is wonderful!

One more piece of useless info: Guess what I found in my washer drain? I stencil and a Bend-a-Roo! Sometimes it's baby socks, rocks, coins, lego men, etc. Guess where they are now? Have you lived to find Bend-a-Roo pieces all over your house? Then you haven't lived (a crazy mom life)! I even have a 'Roo butterfly on my desk this minute (very pretty, minus attennae-they didn't work well). Do you need some for your home? I can oblige (sample sizes only!). See them here (or get your own great set!) at:

Ok, must get nails shaped up for dice-rolling excitement! : )


The Ware's said...

Oh I'm so jealous about you heading out to bunco - I had so much fun when I subbed that time! Have a great time! Glad you got the raisin out - and oh been meaning to tell you - that headband that you gave me when we were there last(stretchy pink one) - Emily has been wearing it nonstop since then. I tried to get her to wear something else one day and she said "I don't know why but ever since Mary Claire gave this to me I don't want to stop wearing it" I had completely forgotten it was from her. anyway - have fun tonight - I'm off to Brownies now! :o)

Holly said...

Hey I have a couple more of those that you need! : ) I'll bring them this weekend!
Have fun at Brownies! Hey, did you get the statement about the pb cookies not using the PSA pb? We may need to post that!

Gigi said...

I did wash the walls after the bath with Big Dog, but that only messed up the beautiful chocolate brown paint. But the ceiling...ugh.
The estimate is Big Dog weighs around one hundred and fifty pounds, therefore can you imagine the thrust of shaking and how far tomato paste can be thrown? yikes.

Nice new photos, by the way. Ethan is a cutie! Also, I have NEVER seen your desk that well-cleaned. wowza!

Holly said...

Geez, it WaS messy! (It just looks better since the floor is clean!) See that basket over to the left on the floor? It's full of my to-be-dealt with crap! : ) Oops-stuff!