Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cart full of suitcases

Still in Dallas...
We got up (early, of course-with 3 kids!), ate breakfast, all had baths (Ethan-2!), and headed out to Bass Pro Shop and the Grapevine Mall. By the time we made it to the food court, Ethan LaiD down on the tile floor at the mall. He was so tired, and didn't even know what he wanted.

We brought him back to the hotel, and tried to make a decision about staying. We could stay, have electricity and internet, or go home and chance it. We already know that our neighborhood is still blacked out. We made the decision to stay down here one more night since the hotels at home are booked. When we did, Mary Claire came running in to say she slid on the carpet, hurt her elbow (and she was all wet). I asked about the wetness, and she said it was the carpet. Huh? We checked it out and ALL the carpet in the closet and out into the room was SoaKeD! We called down the the front desk to tell them, and they brought us room keys to the room we were in Monday night. So we moved (with a sleepy kid) and tons of junk. The manager brought us a bellhop cart, and Ethan put down his pillow on the cart, laid down, and covered up. He was that tired! We got his pack-n-play set up, and he's sound asleep. Ches took the kids to see Hotel for Dogs at the theater next door.

Next situation: Lexi. She's peeing and pooping on Mom's floor, and she does this only when she's not being held. We just can't hold her all day. Christine's mom and stepdad said they could hold her all day since they are retired, so Mom may take Lexi over there tonight. We talked about it, and we all just adore and love her. She is precious, adorable, and just so sweet and loveable. I mean really. I searched for a pet we could have: hypoallergenic fur, good with kids, small, indoor dog, etc. She's just perfect: calm, loving, and Does Not Shed-seriously. I brush her hair every day, and even then, there is NO hair in the brush. She's perfect. Just maybe not for us. It makes for a hard time, this decision to keep her or not. My parents love and adore her too, but they can't sit and hold her all day either. It has helped that we've been apart from her for a few days. I haven't talked with the kids yet, but I'll have to. I want to inform them of our decision, rather than ask them about it. They are kids, and are emotional. They don't spend their days holding her, or cleaning up the pee/poop (on the newspapers OR on the carpet). We'll see how the weekend goes. We aren't even home yet.

So, our house is still damaged. No progress. I'm getting more and more concerned about the refrigerator. By now those three gallons of milk in the garage fridge have to be stinking to high heaven! I can't even imagine all the meat, eggs, produce, and cheese rotting in there. Grosses me out! The ice all melted in the door, I don't know if it is running out or what. It may be better that I'm not there! Mom had to write down all the stuff in her fridge-I can't imagine doing that! I mean-ketchkup, mustard, salsa, cheeses, meats, there are a million things in there-not to mention our insulin! Ugh-and I'd just been to Sam's for milk, dino nuggets, etc.

Well, today is a new day. We'll enjoy our time in Dallas. We may visit the IKEA this evening, shop for clothes for tomorrow, or find some laundry supplies and wash what we have! But, maybe not. What an adventure! I'm still looking at a cart full of suitcases!!

Only if you don't have a weak stomach:
Ethan was in the tub for about 45 minutes, and I'd reran water a couple of times. He started yelling, "Yucky, Out!" We went in there, and he'd pottied in the water! We got him out, dried him off, cleaned out the potty, washed out the tub, and got him dressed. What do you suppose? He started yelling that he wanted a bath. It is sometimes easier to give the other kids a bath (in the other bathroom), dress them, pack up, etc. when he's happy, so we ran another bath, and back in he went. I think he was in that tub for almost an hour and a half. Really! He loves the water! Just not with poopy in it.

My life is never boring. Thank you, God! For kids that breathe and love and live and laugh. What a life!

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Gigi said...

Ummm...I took the cutie baby puppy dog to Christine's Mom's house this evening, became quite emotional and could not leave the little sweetie Lexi. Therefore we are beginning "Phase One of Potty Training Extraordinaire."

And I WILL succeed.

Therefore the darling kiddies can visit their little puppy at their convenience.

Tonight was my first trip out in a car since the devastating ice storm of '09 which began on Monday. I could not believe my eyes. The numerous trees we have were literally chopped off at the top and shattered by ice, but other families have suffered so much worse than we have. There were quite a few very large trees on houses, garages, and just everywhere.

We also had good news tonight. Of the four remaining families that are without electricity, Barbara and Holly finally got POWER! Yayyyyyyyyy! That leaves Dollie and Cathy sitting in the dark dreaming of lights and warmth. Come on Power Rangers!!

So Holly, pack up, come home and get ready to clean your lawn. John said it is littered with limbs, etc. I'll be glad to help.

Have a safe trip home!

Lots of love.