Sunday, January 17, 2016


What a weekend!  Ethan built a pine wood derby car (just this week..), won three heats, and 7th place overall at his Pinewood Derby!  He qualified for regionals..and he is really excited about going.  He says he likes hanging out there with all the kids.  Mr. Social.

Mary Claire had another Lego Robotics practice on Saturday.  Her team qualified for state competition, and it's NEXT weekend!  They are just about ready.  She isn't running the robot this year, so she's much less stressed.  She's working on memorizing her lines for the skit they rewrote this month.

Now she is at a friend's house finishing up her National History Day project right now.  Her group is making a documentary.  I can't wait to see it!  It's due this week.  She's spending the night, and I just took her stuff to her.  It's snowing, yippee!

Clay went to Little Rock for Weekend Extravaganza!  It was a big trip, but not all the youth group were able to go.  He had a lot of fun, the kids were all good, but he's exhausted.  Lots of fun, games, praise, and great speakers!  I'm proud of him.  : )
in front of the Capitol Building

He has now changed his site BY HIMSELF (HUGE accomplishment for him!)Last Saturday morning, he came in and told me he'd changed it.  WITHOUT ME.  Wow.  I've been coaching him, talking him through the steps, reminding him of little things..but he did it alone.  I packed our little site-changing case, and I thought he'd run out of insulin before he made it home from Little Rock.  I knew he'd eat a ton being out of mom's jurisdiction..and he ran out just before he got home.  (blood sugar of 187 after a huge weekend of burgers, shakes, and 7 hours of car driving!) I changed it for him tonight, but I'm still so stinkin' proud that he's capable now!
in the Cathedral : )

I know lots of kids can change their sites at earlier ages (but he was only diagnosed at 12!)..and take care of themselves.  Maybe I still just want to keep an eye on things.  I don't know, maybe it's my fault it's taken so long.  But, he's there! : )
at Purple Cow!

Mary Claire has been learning to site-change too.  She hasn't done it sans me, but she's done it all with me coaching.  Both kids have the hardest time putting the needle in themselves.  There is f-e-a-r..even though they've been doing it for years.  Hard stuff.
At Dr. Maass' office the day before Thanksgiving break-their JDRF (School) Walk Day!  Clay *loves* having his picure made, especially with me. ; )

So.. I finally took my Christmas tree down.  And vacuumed up the little needles and glitter, haha!  Ok, I have two more to go, but eight down, two to go is an awesome ratio!  The kids' trees just get draped in trash bags, and put in the attic.  Wish they were all that easy. : /

I was headed to Washington Regional to be there with Veronica today for her MRI (along with a couple other girls!)..but the machine broke, and they cancelled her appointment.  It was frustrating.  But I got a lot of work done, and she's totally psyched.  She was nervous, prepared and was finally SO ready!!

I'm excited to have just one more day off, I hope you get it "off" too!  Happy MLK, Jr. Day!  Hugs and prayers that your day is blessed.

ps-Bax has a plan!  He's going to St. Jude's in Memphis, TN, on Wednesday.  Treatment will take six weeks.  He will actually get to come home every weekend, I'm soo thrilled for them!  St. Jude's is a HUGE blessing! : )


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