Thursday, January 14, 2016

Awards, A1C's, and Faith

Kids are growing, all back in school for the spring..and I think it's time to take all the Christmas decorations down! : )

We had a wonderful Christmas with family, fun new toys to play with (a go-pro and instamatic camera!), and enough food to put weight on us..ok just me, ha!  My great aunt Frankie came to stay with my mom, and we got to play CARDS!  sooo fun, it's our favorite!  We have this game we play called High-Nine.  I haven't ever met another soul in the world who has heard of this game besides family.  Have you heard of it?  It's a fun game four person game similar to hearts, but you bid with the partner across from you without knowing their cards, then call the suite, and play to catch the nines.  We love it, we're kinda competitive, and it lets us stay out late/eat/escape reality. (bedtime duties, kid teeth-brushing, baby baths, loading the dishwasher, etc.) (is that bad?)

The kids' a1c numbers were a little higher than we'd hoped last time we visited our endocrinologist.  He wanted their basals dropped..and Mary Claire has been having some lows.  We f-i-n-a-l-l-y got her a little bluetooth stick (Minimed Connect) that sends her constant glucose monitor numbers to her phone, and now I can watch them on my computer.  *It only works IF she had her Enlite sensor on, AND IF she has the Connect on her AND charged, and IF she has her phone on and near her. works about 45% of the time. :o/

Mary Claire is working on her silver award in girl scouts (second to last BiG award!), and her plan is to supply new and gently used games and books to homeless shelters, children's shelters, and battered women's shelters.  If you have any you'd like to contribute or want to donate, let us know!  It's a huge undertaking, and the plan is to make it sustainable (it can continue and grow) even after she moves on.  Include us in your prayers on this one!  I'm helping lead this tiny bit of the group..and I'm learning as I go.  It's a 50-hour required commitment per girl.  There are seven girls, and two projects so far.  Max of four girls per project. : )

Carter's school friend, Baxden, has been diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma (brain stem tumor), he's had surgery, and is awaiting treatment.  PLEASE keep this precious family in your prayers.  It is a daily struggle to keep family going plus he's in physical therapy since he lost some feeling/movement in his left side.  His mom, Hilary, is also Carter's teacher, and she's wonderful.  We've missed her so much.  I will say I've seen prayer growth in my sweet three year old, and it thrills this momma's heart.  He asks to pray for Bax, and is soo thoughtful in his words.  Even if I'm praying, he's saying "Yes", "for Bax", "for Hilary", for their family", "please heal him", and it's precious.  

I have other sweet friends in need of prayer.  I don't know if it's a season, or my age.  My friend, Monica, is having severe pain, and she had a CT scan today and is awaiting results.  My friend, Veronica, is having an MRI on Sunday at 4pm.  The eye doctor can't get her to see using the regular lens in the office, and she's concerned about a possible tumor or problem.
I have this framed in my house, and I love it.  A great reminder.

God knows our needs.  I am thanking Him for the healing that's coming and the health being restored.  Prayers that you are healthy! :o)


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