Friday, January 15, 2016


I was up late last night and soo busy yesterday.  I think I'm embarking on a new journey.  Eeeekkk!!  Exciting is the word.

I applied to graduate school to go back to finish my masters degree.  I thought (until about 6pm last night) that I was going to be able to go this spring..but alas...t'll be summer.  It's still a formal application.  I applied to the Graduate School, then I applied to the program.  Now I just mail in my writing sample, my autobiographical sketch, and have three sweet people fill out recommendations. ; )

They required the GRE until this year, and I'm debating just taking it anyway.  I'm kinda weird, and I *like* four-hour tests.  I like when they tell me how smart I am.  I kinda like the studying and practice.  I know..WEiRd!  I have until March 1st or something.  But it only takes two weeks for results, and I could study and take it by the end of January even.

And I forgot to mention that since my 18 hours are soo old (the youngest ones are 15 years old!)..they won't count.  I'll be starting all over.  And I'm not even freaked out.  I kinda knew it already.  I reapplied and was accepted in 2010, but then I started having babies, so I decided to wait it out.  I can't handle too much at once (believe it or NOT!), but I think it's getting easy enough that I can fit it in now.

I'm just doing it for myself.  Is that selfish?  I'm not positive if I'll use it right away.  Or go back again to go farther.  I just don't want to stagnate.  I want to grow more and learn more.  So..I'm doing it for fun for now.  I might change my mind along the way.

Anyway, that is what happened yesterday.  

And we had a FUN girls night out party the night before for my friend Molly's birthday!  I didn't know what to get a gorgeous 27 year old who has everything (her amazing new modern house will be ready next FRiDAY!!), so I got her hydrangeas..are they every inappropriate?  I *LOVE* them!!  You can't be uncheered by flowers.  Girls always like flowers, btw.  You know if you are a guy stalking passing through reading this..BUY THE FLOWERS! : )
Can you even remember turning 27?!  soo sweet!
We are headed out to eat to celebrate momma not cooking tonight.  Clay is going to Weekend Extravaganza in Little Rock this weekend, Ethan has the Pinewood Derby tomorrow, and Mary Claire has Lego this might be the calmest it'll be for a while. : )

Continued prayers for our favorites, and a new request: my friend Lea's husband, Ron, passed away last night.  Please pray for her family. <3 font="">

Hug your family and friends a little tighter, today is all we're promised.  Sending YOU hugs!


Unknown said...

Congrats on grad school apps! Very exciting :) :) :)

Holly said...

Thank you!! I hope I feel that way in a few months, haha! : )