Thursday, April 30, 2015

Golden Wrappers (under the bed)

Sweet boy is still not walking.  Prayers for his foot/ankle.  It's not broken, but something is wrong.  A three-year-old likes to RUN.

Today was Reading Restaurant at Ethan's school!  The kids all have place mats, "menus", nice flowers, and they are the waiters.  They show you their menu, and you get to choose which entree (book) you'd like!  I chose Andrew's Loose Tooth.  Each book read is 25 cents, and the proceeds always go to a local charity.  (Last year they went to JDRF on behalf of Mary Claire!!)

I asked Mrs. Davis to take our picture!  Ethan insisted on dressing up like a fancy waiter.  He was soo sweet.  He even wanted me to hear other kids read so he could read to the kindergarteners coming in. ; )

He was reading to another student as I was leaving.  What a precious, valuable way to share stories (and skills)!  All the kids were so was wonderful! : )

We shopped a little more for Mary Claire's upcoming Spring Fling dance.  It's hard to agree on a dress (for me and her!).  We were in 15 stores yesterday.  Today we went back to one.

We ordered this in a size smaller to try.  She likes it..but wants to wear Converse shoes with it..seems to be the school trend now.  Eeek.

I liked this one..and it brought out the blue in her eyes, and made her look so grown up!  She didn't like it. : (
Clay and Ethan had appointments with the doctor today.  We are going to change up some meds and try something new.  Clay is now 5'4" and 114 pounds!  I'm so shocked.  Even the doctor said he looked like a teenager and his voice had dropped.  Woo.  I totally agree! 

He wasn't in a good mood.  He had a scrimmage baseball game tonight right after his appointment, so I'd brought his uniform along..and accidentally left his cleats at home.  I think he was more embarrassed to be wearing his regular tennis shoes into the office than anything else.

I also had to admit that we found about 20-25 golden wrappers (chocolate fund raiser candy bars) and five boxes of (empty) girl scout cookies under his  All that was in response to, "How are his blood sugars?".  I hadn't even had time to discuss it with Clay yet.  I'd told his daddy while I was in the waiting room, and Clay was out in the car changing clothes.   Diabetes is so hard, and unfair.

He just looked at me.  He's always angry about something, but I have to be honest with all these people who help care for him.  I need to know if there is something more I can do.  And frankly, sometimes I need a man to say something to him.  He barely listens to me.

I know it's his age, and he'll grow out of it.  At least that's what I pray happens.

It's been a long day.  Prayers for all you do for your family!  Feed them, clothe them, hold them, listen to them, and pray for them.  Keep up the good work. : )


Stephanie said...

Love the dresses! Where did you find them? I need to find a 6th grade graduation dress for Sydney. Hugs to Carter! I hope his lil foot is okay. And hugs to Clay too. Every time we go to the Endo he wants to change Adam's afternoon ratios and I'm like, "no..he's high because he forgets to dose!" Ugh.

Holly said...

Thanks, Steph! You'll die. Dress Barn. We ordered a size 4, but we've yet to go get it to try, since she found one she likes better at Forever 21.

Also? We discovered a new place, check it out!! Altered State. Beautiful, original, and some of the profits go to help people. There might be a store/website you could check out? : )
And Carter "walked" in the boot!
Hugs, girlie!!