Monday, April 20, 2015

Front Entryway..and an XRay!

just planters on each side?

I made a couple of those super cute chevron burlap wreaths for my front door (complete with big turquoise, green, and pink Easter bows and gigantic cream monograms!)..and what no one tells you is that burlap turns a nasty brown in no time at all.  Like three months tops.  And brown is soo not a good look at Easter time.  Blech. I have to have a new front door scheme!  What will it be?  Anything pinteresting?

Here are my thoughts:
Precious bunnies!!  It's found here, but longer available!  I'd have to make it.

sooo sweet!  ..and for $125, this can be yours! : )
Oh my..can I just have a huge arbor of romantic roses over my entry?  (Isn't that a great idea?  An arbor!)
Or just huge planters of ferns and hydrangeas (my favorites!) and sweet potato vine I think, wreath necessary?

I got halfway through this post..and then my baby got hurt.  He went down a tunnel slide with Clay on Sunday afternoon, and Clay kinda pushed him to get him going again..and he bent his foot wrong.  Long story on Monday, had to wait two obligatory days, xray today, and it's not broken.  Now we wait for him to W-A-L-K again. : (

Isn't it nice the way our priorities get put back into order?  God has a great way of doing that. ; ) Whew, feeling a little bit convicted.  Prayers for those near having surgery, those fighting cancer, and those recovering from pain.  I have a few lovely people on my mind.  Healing prayers for each of them tonight.  Prayers for your health too!

Just found this neat quote a couple minutes ago while praying for a friend!  Good thing, huh?  My words can be fumbled, but I'm trying, and He knows my heart. : ) 

Hope you have a great ending to your week!  Be thankful if you can stand and walk..not everyone can this week (in our house at least, ha!).  Hugs! (ps-have some advice on the front doors?!)

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