Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet Kids

Sorry, it's been so busy! : )  I have been working on more Hoedown stuff.  Lots more tickets sold, and this last week we've been checking and working every day-even with kids home!  Mary Claire was home on Tuesday and Wednesday, and finally dropped her fever and went to school today (yay!).  We prayed and prayed (that where two or more are gathered that He'd hear our prayers and answer them!), and He did!  She was so happy this morning.  I'd told her that if she didn't go to school she couldn't go to the Hoedown.  It just wasn't right (and I didn't want her spreading her fever virus around!).  She could NOT wait to go back to see her friends. : )
I have run around all week, and I have to say, I'm thrilled it's over.  I'm so tired, and I have to get back to life! : )
Yesterday, I thought I had the Hoedown all under control, so I branched out into girl scout stuff-I have all the adorable little patches they've earned, and I'm bagging them by girl, and putting cutesy Halloween stuff on them for their patch ceremony on Sunday.  Here are my supplies: all Halloween-y:
And here are the little things I made.  They are a stamp made with a sticky embossing stuff, then covered with black embossing powder, then heated till they melt, and make this cool shiny black raised picture-so cool!  I used Halloween stamps:
And here's the finished product (which I've only finished four! and 12 to go..): so cute!
And then...the Hoedown!! : )  We got there when the sun was up...and left late-long after the sun had gone down.  We really did have lots of fun, got to see lots of friends, it was great.  I'm so glad I got to be a part of it, Really.  Ethan had just seen one of his sweet friends-and was so excited!  Here's Ethan coming back to do the Candy Corn Count after dancing around with Trevor:
Here's him guessing how many candies there are.  He started counting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and the sweet helper told him what a great counter he was-I think he made it to fourteen. : )  He guessed 8 candy corn.  I asked if it was 108, and he said yes.  (I think it was closer to 3 or 400!):
Then we made our way down to the gym, where the fun games and prizes are!  Here are Mary Claire and Natalie Grace (Mary Claire's best friend!):
Here the girls are playing the Pig Sooie Races: the pigs walk, pause, walk-so it's actually really fair, since you never know which one will win-it's different every time!
Then Ethan tried it!  He always picks green, and his won!
Then he played in the Duck Pond-and picked a guess! Green Duck, and got three pieces of candy.  He loved this one, and it was a short line, fast game.
This is the sign I painted three years ago, when it was all so different!  We used to have to come up with the games, make the game, sign, work the game, etc.  Now, we have all the signs, you just pick a pre-made game for your class, and these sweet kids come over from the cross country running team (Central Junior High) to totally run the games, it's awesome!  (Yes, it was the Cow Patty Plop!  It's that foam stuff you caulk with-that puffs up really big and yellow?  Well, you paint it brown, and Ha! It looks like a cow patty!  Then you throw it, and win yourself a prize.)
Ok, I have lots to say about this picture.  One, it's my camera, but I didn't take it, Danielle did!  Two, I love how we are not moving, but the people in the background are.  Three, why is Ethan not smiling? : )
Then, because I look, well, a little "saggy", she asked me to stand up, and Much Better!  He's smiling better, and I look a little more "supported" (totally my words, not hers!):
Here's Danielle, and her cutie, Trevor, who is really tired, didn't get a nap (due to all the work we did again today), and just won't give me a smile.  But she always takes a good picture! : )
This is the sweet Giddy Up Golf (anything to tie it to cowboys!)-I don't know this kid-but he was the absolute sweetest kid.  He helped all the little kids, and at the end, he'd push the ball in, or bounce it around till it went in-he wanted them to all win on each try!  I just love kids who care.  He was precious.
He even told Ethan to smile for the camera for me! : )
Then he got to pick two prizes.  He was so excited, and couldn't decide!
Then we saw Susan's son, Noah-all grown up!  He was working at the Brandin' Station, putting on tattoos.  He's an awesome kid too! : )  I'm so thankful they came to help.  I hope my kids can help other little kids one day.
Clay came a little late since he had basketball practice tonight (and last night!).  He got to pick how much practice, and how much Hoedown he got to enjoy.  He's growing up, so we are giving him some choices.  He's precious, and chose to go to an hour of each.
And then, Mary Claire tried the golf:
Clay trying to win a dessert at the Cake Walk!
Mary Claire in the bounce house (after dark!), she was giving me her bow.  She didn't even stay the whole time-she was tired.
And...oh, are we tired.  I will sleep amazingly well tonight.  I am relieved that it's over.  I have other things to consume my thoughts now. : )
It's the third day of my cycle, and I'm going to give the Clomid one more try.  It's a really low dose, and maybe I didn't give it a good chance last month.  I know I'm busy, but I just adore my kids.  I would do anything for them, and I could really love another one into existence.  I'm obviously trying. : )  I don't know where to go from here, there isn't much more for me to do but pray.  I always thought kids were my decision, but I was so wrong.  I'm just learning that the hard way.  We really do learn as we get older.  And you can't tell people younger than you, just like I would have never listened.  Why is that?


The Mom said...

Busy Mom you are indeed! Great blog, cute photos, lots of fun!
L & H

The Ware's said...

So cute! Love the GS baggies... your Hoedown looks like a lot of fun! :o) We'll see you guys Sunday!!

Holly said...

Thank you!! I don't know what we'd do with down time if we even had it! : ) (not that I ever have any..)
We did have tons of fun! : )

Sandra-they are done, and so cute! : ) You can come to the Hoedown next year if you want! : ) It's always a big party. We will see you tomorrow afternoon-I think we might skip PRE too! I'm SO glad you told me!! : )