Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sometimes We Hear

Sissy came home early from school again today, so we made a little visit to our doctor again-it was seriously getting to be a problem!
She's just fine-that ear infection (I think he called it "junk in her ear") is still hanging around.  I wanted a new antibiotic, and he gave me a prescription, but thinks the first one might be give it a couple more days.  I told him it was getting old that she kept having a fever at school and having to come home, so he wrote a note that she was checked and fine to stay at school.  That might get me one day!  I've got copies to make and stuff to do.  I love my kids, but I have a crazy schedule to keep!
My friend Danielle came over to help with the Hoedown tickets-I think we bagged about 3500-4000.  I know whole one roll was 2000, one was about 1000, and we started another-maybe another 1000?  We were fast!  (even though we had Fairy chatter and recipes from a non-sick child!) (and two boys who were precious and played sooo well together!)
After our doctor's appointment, Mary Claire had dance.  She's been leaning on me to let her quit ballet, and only stay in jazz (or take tap).  I've never been fond of the idea, since we joined there so she could take ballet with her friend!  (and me and her mom get to TaLk!!)  So, in the van she tells me she's "not trying to break up my friendship!" hahaha!  She is getting so much more personality-it cracks me up! : )  Then she asks if I'm going to cry. (ha!-it takes SO much more!)  So, since it's costume deposit time for spring recital, I decide it's as good a time as any to face facts.  I went ahead and dropped her from ballet (BiG sad face), and she's trying tap next week.  I've got to get her some tap shoes between now and then.  Tap isn't really something you can do without the shoes! : )
I got the best news in a long time today: my wonderful friend is pregnant!  I'm really so, so, so happy for her-she needs this!  She was starting to worry, and was losing faith, and said she wanted to quit trying (No!), so praise the Lord!  Pray that it is healthy, and will see sunny days with its family.  God is good.  Now we are working on me.. heehee : )

Here is an amazing song that stuck a chord with me-Waiting Room by Jonny Diaz-it is so my life.  I'm still in the waiting room, and God has given me a No, but I'm still waiting for the miracle that is a Yes. (and I'll praise Him in the No's!)

Hope you have an amazing Friday! Hugs sweet friends! : )


the Mom said...

Congratulations to your special friend! ...and a busy mom you certainly are!


Holly said...

Thanks-she's not so happy now. My heart just breaks for her. : ( Prayers going up for her.
Thanks-yes, always busy, but slowing down a little. : )