Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Body Parts

I made brains, intestines, and eyeballs today!
I am working on the Halloween Party, and had to get going.  I used raspberry and strawberry Jell-o, some foil, and bowls to make a brain.  (It may not work..)
 I molded a "brain" around my hand, with some indentions, pushed it into a bowl, and poured the jello.  The first one leaked, and filled the bowl, so I tried again, and so I made two-maybe one for the top/one for the bottom?  I used about half the water in the directions, so it'll be sturdy (if jello can be sturdy).
I also peeled grapes for eyeballs, and made red spaghetti for intestines.  Kinda creepy, but bodies aren't creepy.  We just talk about them at Halloween. : )  Here are the intestines (I added red food coloring, so they look better, or worse, depending..):

We are also getting the kids' costumes ready.  Clay asked if I'd made his G.R.O.S.S. (Calvin and Hobbes have a club, the Get Rid Of Slimy girlS club!) hat yet..umm, I'm working on it?  I had to google how to make those newspaper boat-hats, it'd been so long!
Here's a refresher..
For a small head, fold a newspaper half sheet in half.
Then fold the folded half down, like an airplane:
Then, fold up the bottom pieces, twice:
I use double-sided tape to get the bottom folds to stay in place!
They liked them so much, we made everyone one:
 Mary Claire, Bella and Violet in the B.F.F. Club (Best Friends Forever)
And Ethan wanted his to say, "Trevor and Ethan" (his latest BEST friend!) 

And then we had a standard afternoon:
Tent (he's inside):
Played puzzles
 and games!
Ethan totally picked this game (Pretty, Pretty Princess) where the winner has to get all the jewelry pieces, then has to get the crown.  And he won!  (He'll hate this one day, but it's so cute!)

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