Friday, October 29, 2010

Police (and Party)

Some days my kids are just the most precious things ever.  Really.  I have felt not-so-great since yesterday afternoon.  I don't think it's full-blown sick, but I haven't had much sleep, and I can tell I'm fighting something off.  Anyway, my life has to go on, and we had Halloween parties today, and then I came home to lay down.  Tonight Clay asked if I wanted some toast, and I told him how wonderful that sounded.  He made me three pieces with butter and jelly-and it was sticky and perfect.  It was so thoughtful-I love knowing that they have sweet, caring sides to them (and that I get to see those sides!).  (He also got me wet paper towels to wipe my fingers-I was reading and didn't want to get up!)

I just finished Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin, and I wasn't sure what she was going to choose!  She did end up choosing well, but oh, I hate those stupid girls who don't think through things!  I have to say I'm glad I finished it.  In the back, there was the first chapter of her next book, which is already out, Heart of the Matter-which looks even better!

I guess I haven't written in a few days.  I have been busy making body parts, talking till after midnight, and calling the cops on my neighbors. (ha!)
I made all sorts of fun body parts for the kids in Clay's class to guess.  We had slivered almonds for fingernails, a red canned pear for a heart, I made a jello-mold-thing for a brain, we had craisins for scabs (I thought the funniest one!), fresh green beans for fingers, etc.  I meant to get a picture of the brain (I did two molds, then put them together!), but I don't think I did.  We have had fun.  I haven't let Clay in on all the fun, since I didn't want him to be all braggy and tell his friends all the answers at the party!  He got a lot of them right, but I think he missed four?  Some were hard, I know.
Anyway, my balloon ghosts (that cost me $27!) totally flopped.  I planned to put three pieces of tissue paper on each one of them (you look like a ghost?), and they were too heavy!  We improvised, and hung a little "tail"/cape on them, but I was disappointed.  I wish I'd ordered one early to try.  I just assumed (I know, I know) it would work!
I also didn't realize how long each thing would take.  I assumed (yet again!) that we'd get through each one in about 10 minutes, but NO!  We were slow movers today.  I didn't even get to my other game.  Maybe next year?

Ok, so you are wondering about the police call.  I do have some rowdy neighbors, but I've never called to complain about them.  Did I ever tell you about the burglars I caught in front of our house?  I was nursing Ethan in the middle of the night (yes, years ago!), and I always looked out my front windows as I was going back to my room, when I spotted a car pull up, turn off its lights, and they all (four) got out, sneaking towards my neighbors' house.  I immediately called 9-1-1, and turned on my outside lights.  They ran back to their car, and drove off.  The police came, at three in the morning, and I gave them a full report.  Our neighborhood is broken into a lot, and we've seen lots of break-ins, even when people are home! (Can you even imagine?!)  Well, this time was kinda similar to our last time...
Ches saw a strange car out in our cul-de-sac about 11 night before last, and didn't think too much about it.  But, at midnight when all the porch lights were out, it was still there.  The left front hubcap was missing, and the tags were pointing towards the empty lots beside us.  So..Ches encouraged me to call the police.  I don't need tons of encouragement as I really like rules followed, and want to keep us all safe.  So.  I called and reported the facts as I saw them-strange new white car, been there an hour, we don't allow street parking over night in our covenants, so...I wanted it checked out.  Ches got all brave (I was petrified!), and took his baseball bat out and was going to check the tags.  I was hissing (I'd turned out our porch lights!), to "Get Back In!" for fear of some big burly mad person (being angered by Ches' offensive bat!).  We go inside, and wait for police.  I keep asking if I should call the neighbors (who've been there since maybe March?) to see if they know anything about the car.  I decide I will call her cell phone, so I don't wake the entire house.  She answers about the time two squad cars show up surrounding the vehicle!  She says it's her sister's car, and I run out across the yard in my jammies (after midnight!), yelling at the policemen to quit searching her car with their flashlights-it's her sister's car!  They finish checking it out (even after I say nevermind), then leave.  The neighbor and I had a nice, long conversation about her sister (whose husband coaches at Ole Miss), and she's traveling back through town, and hit something (and lost her hubcap), and is leaking transmission fluid (which is why she moved it off the driveway), and is waiting till morning to take it to the dealership in Fayetteville. that's it.  I feel silly.  But safe.
So, we agreed that next time I'll call when I see a strange car! Ha! : )  What a life.
I hope her sister made it back okay!

I forgot-I have pictures!  I have some of the ice cubes I made for the kids' clear drinks (we can't have colored drinks for fear of stains at school).  I used half a red grape, a mini-chocolate chip, froze them upside down in a muffin tin (you know, I don't even own an ice cube tray-do you?).  They surprised me-the grapes' insides turned white when frozen!
This is a close-up of the grapes-I had to use a knife to hollow a tiny hole to hold the chocolate chip:
This is the entire tin full:
Aren't they cool?

Here are the goody bags, ready for school!
Today was also the Book Character Parade, so the kids dressed up!  Clay was Calvin, and here's his friend, Hobbes, and his book (and he's got his G.R.O.S.S. hat (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS club)!:
And here is my precious Fancy Nancy (they were rushing out the door, so her book and Frenchy her dog is in her bag):

We've had so much fun getting ready, I was really disappointed how this morning had to go.  Picking up Mary Claire last night at dance, the van got a screw in the tire.  It went flat fast, so this morning, Ches drove the tire to Sam's to get it fixed, then brought it home to get it back on the van.  Do you realize this is the third tire that's been popped?  I think those stupid Michelins are cheap.  Anyway, we had to get all the kids to school early (and get up extra early), so he could make it to Sam's, then back so I could get it all done and perform miracles today!
Thankfully, we made it.  Got the copies done, took Ethan some chapstick for his awful chapped lips, picked up the balloons (and ordered the right number after two popped!), made it to the church after school to finish books and envelopes...I'm so thankful that it all got done-it was a close call.  Praise God in the small things! : )


The Mom said...

Cute, cute and even cuter! The eyeballs turned out really well. Did the kids shriek in horror or giggle?

Next time the neighbor could put a note in the car since there are covenants especially on the dark cul-de-sac. I'm just saying....

L & H

Holly said...

thank you! I *heart* the eyeballs, if that's possible! : )

I know, if I ever leave a car out there overnight, it'll have a note!!