Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our Haunted House

Golly, golly gumdrops-what fun!  I used to not like Halloween that much, but with the candy (umm-chocolate)-it sure gets sweet. : )  We are so busy (needless to say!).  After the Hoedown, my mind has moved on!
We went to Boingo Bounce with some friends on Friday!  It is a new bouncy place-and it's so nice, clean, and cool (lots of leopard, zebra, and NeW toys!)-we loved it!
It's kind of hidden away, but big enough inside, and the party rooms are soo cute!  The best is the big one (of course!), and we checked out party prices-we may just need to have Ethan's birthday there! :)
Ethan got started right away-he couldn't wait!  I took socks too, but had trouble keeping up with him.  He was going so quickly from one bouncy to the next-I was having trouble balancing!  His center of gravity is so low, he doesn't seem to have any trouble (that..or the fact that he's in better shape..).
Here he is as he takes a *teensy* break in the under five kids' play area:
(Sorry, this is my phone, so they aren't so clear!)  Then he went up the Tidal Wave..(which was pretty tough to climb-straight up, on air!):
And he came down sooo fast!
There was this great little play area for kids under five (but bouncy)-it was a Barnyard!  There were barrels to climb through, a tiny slide, a dog and horse (that they tried to ride!), and learning "walls" with lots of velcro words and numbers to match-sooo cute! : )

Then, it was time to go-we had to get some work done!  We headed to Panera for macaroni and cheese (if you haven't had it, try it-it's aMaZiNg!!) and apples, and Ethan wanted to eat outside.  I left my phone in the van, but I SO wanted to take pictures of him outside munching his apple, fighting off a fly.  I restrained myself, and just enjoyed the moment. : )
Then he went with Gigi and Papa for a while to go check out garage sales!  I'd given him a small $4 to spend-and he spent it fast!  He got a baby walker/car, like we had and gave away (and has enjoyed the heck out of!), a pirate hat and spyglass, and a water gun (and a small round soap for free).  He got to swing at someone's house, and shop-he was happy!  I went to the school, made copies, then worked at the church for a little bit, then picked him back up.  He was trying to talk them into a new bike-poor kid only has a tricycle, bike, ride-on motorcycle and tractor..he's so neglected.  
We had dinner at Mom's-yum-veggies!-and then on the way home...we hit a deer.  It wasn't as bad as I'd thought-but it dented my door with its antlers, and probably its teeth.  We pulled over immediately) since I was partially freaking out-there was some wet (saliva?), but no blood.  It really wasn't bad, but it'll have to be repaired (never good).  And Clay scratched the other side again, so Poor Van. : (
Then Mary Claire had a friend spend the night, and Saturday she was off to a Red Cross program, "Masters of Disaster"-she really learned a lot, and had fun!  She told me all about our emergency supply kit (that we need to assemble..), and tornadoes, and where they happen, and myths vs. truth-she was full of answers!
Clay had an awesome birthday party at Fast Lane-he got to play Laser Tag, eat pizza, and bowl-he loved it!  Then Ches took Clay and Ethan to see Alpha and Omega.  We worked on Clay's invitations for his birthday (have to plan early-he has a Thanksgiving birthday, and his friends are always out of town, so we have it in early November..which is next week!).  He's having a movie party again, this time for the release of Megamind:
Yes, I crafted this on My Digital Studio! : )  I ordered them to be printed at Wal-Mart in Fayetteville, and then forgot envelopes.  We went to Target, then Hobby Lobby for envelopes and stickers.  I can't just do it the easy way-I like it Just Right!  We found the cutest spaceship/boys stickers and dark blue envelopes.  He had made a list for me before they went to the movie, so I got to work.  I had them ready by 4, but we drove around looking for the latest Saturday pickup location, but kept missing it.  I guess they'll go out on Monday.
We also had dinner at Olive Garden, had a bad waiter (yes, we would still go back, but they gave us a gift card!), but the food is always wonderful.  We had to ask a few times for mints-I don't understand that.  When you frequent a place, you kinda get used to some things like chocolate!  This is my girl-she dressed up to match me: white denim jacket, pink scarf-she was so cute, I had to take a picture:
Then we came home (late!) (Booed our neighbors-gave them lots of treats and toys, a Boo! sign and instructions for booing other friends secretly), and the kids had been crying and fussing to go to a Haunted House.  It was soo rainy, and I didn't want to walk in mud or get all wet.  We agreed to make them a haunted house here!  First, we set it up for Mary Claire and Ethan.  Ches, Clay and I got all ready-Ches was a ghost, ran the red-eyed battery-powered dinosaur with red eyes, and grabbed legs (we all had at least two jobs!), I dripped blood (water) on them, rubbed spiders (hairbrush) on them, and touched them with rubber gloves, and Clay was a ghost, made noise, touched them, and made scary noises.  They laughed, freaked out, and loved it!  Then, again, then Mary Claire and Ethan made us one!  They were even funnier!  Ethan made a water (blood) puddle for us to walk in (yes.), and they had touching, screaming, "boos!", spider webs, crunchy styrofoam shredded on the floor..ahh, fun!
Then we settled down, and watched a movie we saw at the theater before Ethan was born: Monster House.  It was pretty good, and we had snack together-the kids went to bed late!
I finally finished all the girl scout bags for tomorrow's patch ceremony!  They are so cute-the girls will be excited to get them-they all earned about 6-8 patches!  And I love the cute ones: the science one with the beaker, the one with the building sweet!  The three caring bears.  It's kinda what you get for all your work-and soo adorable.
I better get some rest-there's more tomorrow!  I have to finish getting Clay's class Halloween party ready-I'm planning some luminaries (as long as the teacher okays them!) and some "body parts".  Clay thought up most of the ideas-always the best!  There are peeled grapes that feel like eyeballs..cooked spaghetti for brains..dried apricots for ears almonds for teeth..etc.  He found one of my Marc Brown books that had quite a list!  I need to make the foods...  Let me know if you think of any more! : )


The Mom said...

Cutie photos! Hit a deer?? Over by the cut-through road? Yikes!
Clay scratched the van? What a busy mom you are these days!

Here is the recipe for bloody eyeballs: boil eggs, slice in half. Scoop out half the yolk, fill empty space with black olive. Then take a toothpick dipped in ketchup and make Squiggles from the back eyeball to the edge of the egg.
Tasty as well:D

I also have an old recipe for Hairy Eyeballs (candy).

L & H

Mary Ella said...

Hey I got your message but we were headed somewhere, I cannot remember now...But thank you for inviting us, we appreciate it and hope we can make it next time!

Holly said...

thanks! Yes, a DEER!! We totally saw it, but Ches couldn't stop. The deer kinda ran into the right side. It was north of Freshwaters, south of that neighborhood in the curve. Kinda by the house that says Smith on the mailbox. Scary. Yes, he scratched the van with his bike handlebar-the left one that busted through the rubber grip since he drops it instead of uses a kickstand! Sad.
I need some ketchup eyes! : ) (Clay would eat them!)

Holly said...

April!! : ) We did have fun-you'll have to join us when the kids are out of school! Ethan and Isaac didn't have school because of conferences! : ) We'll do better at planning next time, promise! : )