Monday, August 23, 2010

Swimming Fish

Gonna get fancy on you again! heehee
We have video of our little fish!  Ethan can jump, swim underwater, just amazing for a three-year-old.  He's made sooo much progress this summer-from falling in and panicking in April to swimming like a fish underwater! : )  I started working with him in the spa to swim across the four or five feet, then Ches has been working with him each night to perfect his swimming across the pool! I didn't get that video, but I'll work on it tomorrow night. What will we do when summer's over?

And Mary Claire did some showing off-her Twirling Cannonball, silly Balance Walk, and front and back flips.
Clay was in great form showing off his Dead Man and Throw-Up.  Yeah, I know-he's a boy of that age. : )  Just wait till he has a girlfriend (at 21..or 25), and I show her the videos!

ps-I totally meant fancy as in attaching a video-not fancy swimming.  We do the best we can-show outs included. : )


The Mom said...

So cool..In the lower photo, Ethan looks like Clay:) Such sweet kids~~

Holly said...

You think? To me, ethan is all his own! Today, he did give me this *Clay* look though-all "Me? I'm too cute to do anything wrong!"
They are super sweet. I would post the other video of the kids goofing off, but this one took an hour to upload-and I don't know what I did wrong! : )