Friday, August 6, 2010

Walk With Us!

Yesterday was a big day!  We got our JDRF Walk 2010 letter printed, copied, folded, and stuffed into envelopes!  We went over to Mom's and she helped stuff.  It seems like it will only take an hour, but it always takes longer.  We also put some stickers on (Mary Claire picked them, and stuck them on!), and Dad put on the stamps, then I came home, printed labels, and worked on them till 11:55 last night.  It really is a donation of my time, talent, and treasure to JDRF.  It's an honor to help them reach their goal, maybe especially since it'll help Mary Claire in the long run.  If I didn't constantly get updates on the current research, I might not think that there was real progress being made.  It would be easy to sit on my bottom, do nothing, and hope that other people would find a cure.  I want to be able to say one day that I was a part of the CURE!

So, again, we want you to walk with us!  Have you registered yet?  (No?  Click on those big words, and register already!)  Do you have kids?  Sign them up too!  You can push them in a stroller, or pull them in a wagon (we still bring a wagon every year for our kids!).  And let me know your t-shirt size.  We are still working on shirt artwork, but hopefully I'll have a design up soon!  I've got last year's design over to the right...keep watching for the new one!  Our them this year is "Wild for the Cure"!  I'm thinking...Zebra! : )

I can't wait to drop all those envelopes in the mail.  Not (just) because it means I accomplished a task (yay, me!), but because it brings some of you closer to our family.  Mary Claire is overjoyed every year on the day we celebrate her (well, that's what she thinks it is!).  We love to talk and walk with you, let the kids play together, have lunch, and then return to our day knowing we tried to make a difference.  Many times dropping those envelopes means I'll hear from my friends (even far away ones), and find out how they are doing!

The other huge thing we did Dad was putting on stamps (aren't you thankful we don't have to lick them anymore?), I asked him if he'd go back to college.  I know, big thing.  Now, the University of Arkansas has this program called Senior Razorbacks, and part of the amazing program is...if you are over 60, you can go for free!  The best I can do is a flyer, here it is:

So..we applied online, requested a transcript, signed him up for a Compass test (if you've been out of school more than three years) on his birthday next week (but it's the last possible date!), and he's on his way!  He's so detail-oriented and can do anything-it'll be easy for him...he might obsess on getting his homework perfect, but he'll get in the groove.  Heck, I wanted to go back this fall, but I'm so frustrated that they won't honor my graduate hours (because they're ten years old!), I'm going to be mad for a semester or so.  Sad, but true.  I'll just hang out with Dad over in Biology.


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Holly said...

Yep, he can do it! Is he excited yet? Tell him to sharpen his pencils and gather his calculator and ID, and not to drink too much before the test! : )

the mom who wants to go too! said...

He will have his shoes polished and his teeth brushed and be. Ready~~~