Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Laundry Mountain

Were there extra people here this weekend?  There were enough dirty clothes to cover an army!  I think each person had about 8 or 9 pairs of underwear (hopefully lots of swimming, and not accidents?) They think they get new undies after every dunk/bath/swim/clothing change-yes, I think it's a good thing)!  There were five loads-tons of jammies-I just had ALL the laundry done last Thursday before I left town!  I am all caught up, and (NewsFlash:) they are put away.  Don't get too excited, it only happens if I'm traveling.  Normally, there is laundry in progress ALL the time!

I also had to take Ethan to the grocery store.  We had no cereal (they claim that Cheerios and Special K don't count)!  We only kind-of stuck to the list.  He got this little dino-head juice drink (I think they are Tummy Ticklers-expensive sippy bottles of juice), then Fruit Loops and Rice Krispies, then Chuck E. Cheese cheesesticks (just his picture on the outside-but it works, Advertisers!), and by the time he wanted yogurt-covered raisins (I admit they are yummy, but mostly sugar!), I told him Enough!  He had to trade something-he'd gotten enough Special Foods (since he's the Only One Who Got To Go With Mommy To The Store!).  He ended up trading the cool dino-head drink for the raisins!  Wow.  At least it ended with him hugging a bunch of bananas-his last Special Food! : )

We took Ches to lunch (yes, I enable this bike-rider-to-work), then Ethan fell asleep on the way home.  He just loves his Veggie Tales, and they sang him right to sleep.  It didn't last long, and it powered him back up-enough to glue, and draw, and snack, and help me with laundry (well, he played a good game of Don't Let Mommy Get The Dryer Door Open), then some good ol' Tag!  We ran all over, but I figure it was our workout, so I count it.

Clay had boy scouts, and had to do lots of exercises, kind of like the Fitness Gram at school.  He did great!  He can do tons of sit-ups, he's super fast at running, but the only thing he didn't do too well in was the pull-ups.  Ches told him he'd have to practice since they are retesting next month.  When they pulled in the driveway, he asked if he could go practice! (at 8:15pm!)  What a sweetie.  He tries so hard!

I tested Mary Claire on her spelling words while she was in the tub-what hard words!  Distinct, Instinct, Suggest, Seldom, Tranquil-whew!  She did fairly well, but it means we'll have to do some studying this year!  Last year was a breeze.  Clay's are harder too, but I always think he can do anything.  Now, Mary Claire is in the hard work!  I can't believe she's in third grade.

Ahh, they are all in bed, and sleeping.  I've done a tiny bit of research (tiny for me).  I have a couple of books on miscarriage, and Asherman's Syndrome is not so common.  The outcome is about 80% better with surgery, and the books recommended leaving the "balloon" in for a month!  I'll take the books, and see what Dr. Miller thinks.  He didn't give me an exact time, but it sounded much shorter than that!  I can't imagine crampy-ness for a month!  Ick!

I'm always amazed-do you know that God knew exactly what was wrong with me from the beginning?  I do.  He was just waiting for me to find it-or encouraging me to keep looking.  I found the pages that discussed adhesions, and I'd folded the corner down, asked my doctor about it in May, and had let it go.  Now, I just think, why wasn't it starred and circled for me?  Ha!  God just doesn't work that way.  But I found something, and I'm thankful.  How many more things are laying in front of me that I don't really see?

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