Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dinner and a Movie

I always told Ches when when we were first married that we needed to go out on the weekend.  Friday or Saturday, I just wanted something to look forward to!  So he really does his best.  We used to take the kids out when they were tiny, then for a while we traded babysitting with a friend, then as the kids got more independent, we got a babysitter.  Even if we can't get one (because they're all so good-and busy!), we still go out.

We went out Friday night with the kids.  We took them to see Ramona & Beezus (pretty good, a three out of five), and then to dinner.  Saturday we swam, then had our showers and went to Missouri.  We had plans to meet one of Ches' high school friends for dinner in Joplin (we were meeting in the middle), but it ended up that he couldn't come.  We'd already told Ches' mom we'd come, so we did!  We dropped the kids off (we'd never left them there before!), and they played with their cousins and had dinner, while we went out.  We went to see Dinner For Schmucks* (which I didn't think would be that funny, but since it had Steve Carrell-I was there!), and it was really funny!  Not Date Night Funny, but really good.  It had a good ending, so it was my kind of movie.  Definitely better than Ramona.  (They didn't stick to one book, or even the plot in the books-they just used the title and characters to sell a movie-and Ramona's mom was totally not pretty in the book-quite the opposite in the movie-there were lots of differences-and I totally didn't picture Aiden as Mr. Quimby!)

So today is relatively calm as we went to church (so different than in NYC!), and went to Jose's for lunch. (they have tv's in the booths, so the kids LOVE to go there-good selling point, Jose's!)  We'll swim, maybe get a nap (if we're lucky!), and get ready for another big week.

Tomorrow I'm going to another specialist in Little Rock.  It's a totally different clinic than the one we went to last time.  Hopefully the doctor will be nicer than the last specialist!  My doctor recommended this one, and made me the appointment, so I have higher expectations.  It's actually an ivf clinic, and I'm not sure why he chose them.  We don't have a problem getting pregnant, it's just staying pregnant!  I hope to learn something, gain some hope, and not lose all my blood.  Ches thinks we have nothing to lose by going, but I don't see what one more person can add.  We'll see.  Keep us in your prayers!

*In the movie, they never actually used the word schmucks.  They actually called it a Dinner for Idiots.  The boss collects things: people.  Special people.  He likes all the employees to come, bring an extraordinary person (read: idiot), and he gives a trophy at the end of the night to the best (worst) idiot.  The employee who brought him moves "up" in the company).  Yes, a crazy theory, and they say that all through the movie, but it ends well, I promise.

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