Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Doctor

Ahh..doctors.  Saw a new one today: Michael Miller in Little Rock.  I have to say, he was pretty good.  He was late very thoughtful, and continued to think about my case as he left the room-he came back to tell me one more thing it could be-my c-section with Ethan (scar tissue from it, more exactly).
So we got there a teensy bit early (you know me, I cut it pretty close!).  It was quite a drive, and I had to talk candy with an Exxon attendant (Tiger Something-that was hours ago!).  They had the old Nerds boxes-the old pictures I remember from childhood!  And they had these things that looked like frosted sugared graham crackers-in flavors (and I can’t for the life of me remember the name), and of course almost all the M&M’s (except coconut! And my box of 24 from Sam’s is all gone!).  Anyway, I tried to avoid the candy aisle-I went down the chip aisle, looked for yogurt (none), then tried the surrounding aisles (all three of them), and nothing. The guy asked if he could help me, but I could have been helped with any of those luscious brown treats.  I  got some pretzel M&M’s and talked candy with the attendant till there was a line behind me.  Time to go!
So, anyway, we made it fine to the doctor’s office, gave them a copy of our marriage license (they require it!), then sat for almost an hour.  At 40 minutes, I asked Ches if I should go complain, but he said to wait for five more minutes.  I got all involved in an old People magazine in an Elizabeth Edwards story, so I forgot all about the doctor!  I even carried it back to the little room when they finally called my name. : ) (and yes, I got to finish it and read an old Southern Living I never had time for at home!)
So, then an intern came in to get my history (that I filled out on the computer last week, and wrote out and brought with me..) (I’m sure she was filling time), and she was very sweet.  She did help me relax and fill time. : )
Finally, we met the doctor! He was very nice, and listened to me talk, to suggestions, and gave his thoughts.  It was refreshing, and he was very knowledgeable.  I appreciated his candidness.  There may be nothing wrong with me, but he’s looking into stuff.  He had me give more blood-this time for TSH, T4 (thyroid hormones), prolactin (which I’ve never had checked), and I can’t remember what else…I think antinuclear antibodies too.
Then we did an ultrasound.  He checked my uterus (but will check it better with a hysterosalpingogram, next month if I’m not pregnant-he wanted to be careful, just in case) and my ovaries.  He could tell I’d ovulated on my left side.  The cysts were pretty big, so I had one or two eggs release-It’s hard to tell.  One was bigger than the other, so it probably released an egg, but the other was enlarged, so maybe it just got ready.
I am to take progesterone starting today and for 16 days.  If I’m not pregnant, I go back for the xray test (uterus-to look for scar tissue), and Ches and I both take antibiotics, then I start Clomid, then we start again.  I haven’t taken it before, so I don’t know much about it.
If I am pregnant, I don’t know what happens next.  He didn’t go into that.  He seemed to understand that a positive pregnancy test wasn’t the happy thing that other people experience.  For me, it’s just a step (sadly).  I liked that he got me.  We’ll keep praying!


Mary Ella said...

hey I tried to call you yesterday, if I listened closely I would have known that you would be gone. I wanted to invite you to this tasting on Wednesday or Friday at 7. Give me a call!

Holly said...

Hey girl! Sorry, we were in Little Rock. I'll call you in the morning-it's 11:45 (pm) now! Ches and I are going out on Friday night-we have tickets to Eat, Pray, Love at 7:30. You are so sweet to think of me! AND I saw you signed up to walk-I'm so excited-thank you, thank you!! Mary Claire will be so excited to have more kids to walk this year! : ) Hugs girl, and I'll call you in the morning! : )