Sunday, March 7, 2010


What an exciting day!!  I found a surprise in my mailbox today after church!  Are you guessing?  It was those scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth coconut M&M's!  They were like tasting Hawaii again...(maybe that's my fascination with coconut?).  Ahhh..thanks John and Christine!!  Now, if you can just tell me where you got them!! I MUST have more!  They were so good.  I shared the bare minimum with the kids, Ches gave up his offering (sweet man knows where his bread is buttered!), and I ate the rest.  I have to say, there aren't many in there.  Really.  I read that there is about .3 ounces less than a regular bag, and each one is a bit more rounded-kinda like a peanut butter M&M, so maybe there were 18?  Don't worry, they really are gone.  I just had to eat them all, then they can't haunt me in my sleep.  See?  I'm thinking!
Tomorrow is another ultrasound.  Just to make sure everything is okay.  I'm excited and nervous all over again.  I just want to know they are alright, and normal.  I should get more pictures, and get to ask my doctor all my crazy questions.  Apparently there is a higher risk of preeclampsia, but I've already had it once.  Do you ever get it again?  And I really, really want to know if there are two placentas.  If so, good news, and less to worry about.
I did NOT realize that the academy awards were on-I have to go-I can't concentrate!  Congrats to Precious for the best adapted screenplay!  I'm just tuning in..I'll have to play catch-up now! : )


The Mom said...

Woohoo.. I chose Hurt Locker for the Best Picture and it won~~ yayyyyyyyy~

I love movies..

See you in the morning~~

L & H

Holly said...

It SO won! : ) Kathryn was soo excited! Apparently she was having dress issues, and it must have been one side of her dress. I haven't checked up on it today-but she looked beautiful!
I love them too : ) THanks for watching Ethan!