Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hamsters on Wheels!

Really quick, as it's already bedtime!  I just don't have time to Ever!
We are heading to Florida tomorrow, and finalizing everything.  I have the kids food chart done, notes written, lunches made for Mary Claire (Clay's having tray lunches!), got Mom's little bag made with her name (Yes, really!), and I've packed my bag, and put all my liquids into tiny (too-small) bottles so they'd fit into a quart-size Ziploc.  I even had to barge into Ches' bag!  I packed him a tiny travel-size toothpaste, so my nail polish (for touch-ups!) and lotion would fit into his bag!  (He may or may not know this yet..)  I think we are ready.  And I'll have no perfume, and have to use the soap there-ick.  The TSA just doesn't understand women need a gallon-size bag, and men can get by with the scrawny quart-size!  Who do I complain to?
I can now say we are the proud owners of Zhu-Zhu pets!  Ches went out for groceries late last night (after a tip that there were tiny hamsters in stock!), and got one.  After our trip out today, we have two more!  They are precious-and really entertaining.  Clay didn't really want one, but he got a tiny bike you "ride" with your fingers.  Yeah, I don't know either.
Anyway, Ethan had a fit, and wanted a hamster, so he got one too.  We told them these are their "Florida" presents, so they aren't to expect anything when we come back!  I think they understood, and we'll really know when we get back next week with Nothing!
I'm back to taking Protonix.  I keep having acid reflux (you know that nasty throw-up in your throat?), and it's driving me nuts!  I took two last week, then thought I was better (uh..yeah, on the medicine.), but now it's happening again.  I have a regular prescription, but I had weaned myself off when it seemed to be over.  I'm sure my relaxed system doesn't help it any.
Don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour tonight!

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