Monday, March 1, 2010

Pee in a Cup

Wanna be grossed out?  I could probably tell you something new everyday, but here's today's grossest moment (be patient, I have to tell you the back story):
Ethan has started this nasty habit.  When he's in the bathtub, he's too lazy to get out and go peepee, so he pees in a cup, and sets it on the side.  I didn't know he'd started this habit until last night.  I came into the bathroom, and there on the side of the tub was the cup I used to rinse his hair-with pee in it.  I asked what on earth happened, and Mary Claire piped up, since they were taking a bath together.  She said he peed in it, matter-of-factly.  I grossed out, poured it in the toilet, and went to ask Ches if he'd heard of this before.  He said Yes!  Ugh.  It gets grosser.  So today, while I was resting on the bed (a faux-nap, if you will), he told me he had to go peepee, and he needed the cup.  I was yelling no cup, use the toilet!! and I heard pouring into the toilet, then the cup falling on the bathroom floor.  :Oh my gosh.  I jumped up (nap over), and ran in there.  He'd peed in the cup, I just dishwashed last night, and poured it into the toilet (and flushed, yay, him)!  Ok, that's just nasty!  Don't worry, if you come over, the cup lives in my bathroom for only washing hair.  But, alas, it will be in the dishwasher again, with all the other cups we drink out from.  Thank you, God, for the new dishwasher with the sanitize mode!  See? You just think your life is crazy!

So other than that, we grocery shopped (and got me more fiber), did laundry, and washed all the sheets and changed bedding today (yes, it likely wore me out).  Then I cuddled Ethan up with his *clean* blankie, and headed to my room for a nap.  It only lasted till he was ready for a bath (see earlier story) about 2:30.

Now the kids are home, we've snacked, gone through Monday folders, and I'm fending off begging to have green eggs and ham tomorrow for lunch at school.  Mary Claire really wants a tray lunch, and she never gets a tray (imagine it in a whiny voice for more realism).  The lunch is green eggs, ham, waffle sticks, and Dr. Seuss' birthday cake (which I suspect is the real excitement).  Um? Gross.  Maybe I'll send a couple girl scout cookies in her lunchbox, and call it good.  Tomorrow is my Mother's Day Out, and somehow I don't picture me eating green eggs and ham and skipping grocery shopping...again.  (Today was only fiber, fruit, cereals, and whole grain crackers, tomorrow is the Real Deal.)

Since I didn't do any real meal planning for the week (that happens when my brain frees up on Tuesday mornings), we are having quesadillas.  I can do these with my eyes shut, so easy-peasy.  Some tortillas, cheese, black beans, salsa, and fruit.  See? Easy.  Ches is working all day every day this week (well, maybe not Friday..), so it's gotta be easy.  He has a student taking their comps every morning at 9, so it's all business.  (heehee)  It only impacts my life after 3:30pm, so I think we'll be fine.

Our morning routine went absolutely terribly this morning, so we (that means *I*) have got to do something to make it better.  I woke the kids up and rallied the troops, but it was just so yucky: whining, not obeying (like Clay telling me he took all his dirty clothes to the laundry room, me discovering his door locked, locating a key, and then finding his room a mess with clothes all over the floor!), not getting shoes on (preferring to play trains), complete lack of focus (having 25 lbs of books in a backpack and not being able to decide which to ditch-at 7:45!).  Chaos.  And Ches was in the bathroom brushing his teeth, oblivious to our chaos that I'd very much like him to be a part of!  He wakes up in time to take the kids to school, but he has to help-especially on the road to five.

Alrighty, keep praying, and I must go season-like-crazy my black beans so they taste like Chili's black beans-our favorites! : ) 

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