Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sew Excited!

I've discovered Wheaties Fuel cereal! It's great!  Ok, ok, I'm a little biased at this point.  It has five grams of fiber in 3/4 cup, so it's got my attention! heehee  It is really good-and I hate Wheaties.  It is flakes and Rice Krispy-looking things, and a tiny bit of granola-all in a honey and cinnamon light glaze.  Very good.  I honestly cannot usually finish my bowl-I think it sends subliminal messages to my brain that I'm full-it's either all the vitamins or the fiber.  Both are great, so I'm good.  Today, I poured a small amount of my fave Cheerios, and added a tiny bit of Fuel on top-couldn't eat it all, seriously.  Try it!  It's at Pleasant Grove Wal-Mart if you live near here. : )

I am so excited-I bought a new purse yesterday!  I'm sure you remember the search has been going on since January... I finally found one I really like, and I committed (myself! haha)!  It was not on Dooney's website, so it totally went under my search radar.  I went into a local store, and saw it!  It is white, for spring/summer only, but I'm okay with that-I'll have to upgrade to a diaper bag soon enough.  AND, I'd just found a white wallet on the website Monday morning, that was half price!  Score!  So I came home and ordered it, so sorry to the sweet salesperson who didn't get the add-on wallet sale. : (
Anyway, now I'm getting ready to sew...I know makes sense to no one but me, but when I get a new purse, I need all new stuff to go inside to keep it organized.  I bought new "decor bond" which is a liner that keeps the fabric stiff, zippers, some brown toile fabric, and I'll mix it with pink floral or something for spring.  My old ones are getting gross-looking, so It's Time.  And I'm feeling creative, and have a bit of time.

Today is lunch with Mom and her friends, and I'll probably out my news.  She's probably already told them anyway?  We are going to an new-ish dive (totally my words) in Bentonville that has amazing chicken (yes, fried, but good!) so I told her I'd join them.  I have to get a small nap between now and then, if possible, since I need to pick up Mary Claire at school and take her to girl scouts.

Last night was gymnastics, and Mary Claire is FINALLY moving up to the next level!! YAY! and I can't believe it took this long!  Anyway, it was very exciting for her, and we moved her to a new class time, so things-are-changing.  Clay had boy scouts, and then Mary Claire had a doctor's appointment.  She has a mild ear infection in her left ear, and called home again yesterday (second Tuesday in a row, so I was beginning to wonder what the coincidence was..).  She'll be fine, but I hope we are all headed into warmer weather, fewer colds, and flip-flops!! I can't wait.

Oh, I really have to go (to sew!), but I have to mention..I bought my first (well, this time) pair of maternity jeans.  My little low-rise skinny jeans were just not cutting it (just cutting in to my bladder..), and I was running out of leggings.  The girl was so sweet and helpful, and she talked me into a new blue shirt-designed my Heidi Klum, and I'm convinced one day I may look like her in it!  Ha.  It was comfy and swirly, so I agreed.  It looked like it would hold a couple kids in there with me, so what the heck.

Alright, keep up your precious prayers!  Good for your soul, and other's lives! : )


The Mom said...

Great lunch~ Glad you could join the wild ones. The food is so old-fashioned and comforting. It is a shame it is so bad for us:(

Great purse/wallet~

I did hear from Ree and she spoke with her doctor, no more juice except if she goes really low, and she is going to learn to love veggies:)

Love the new blouse..Heidi Klum is quite the designer~~ and she knows all about pregnancy.


Holly said...

I just wrote the longest comment, then it erased it. Yuck.
The lunch was delicious! I haven't had fried chicken in sooo long! Just wonderful.

Ree has to eat fresh veggies, fruits, eggs/cheese/yogurt/protein, and whole grains/pastas. She'll be fine, it just takes a while to adjust from junky eating. Taking pills isn't just a cure.

My favorite thing about the shirt is the color, but I think it'll work. Ches hasn't gotten my tubs of clothes down yet, but he will. I don't really need them quite yet, I just know that Motherhood sells out of my size fast. (Although that size will be changing...) heehee Hugs!

The Mom said...

Update: R. said the doctor said if the levels don't adjust, she is going to be put on insulin injections. I hope not. Keep her in your prayers.

Great photos..I forgot to mention earlier. Cake party looks fun. <3

When you have one of those unlikely days when you have absolutely nothing to do, I'd like on of those gray toile purse organizers with my name in bright red as well. Any free time? I have zipper case envy. lol

L & H

Holly said...

She HAS to watch what she eats-it's because she hasn't eaten better previously that she's in this position now!
Thanks, she had so much fun! : )
Ok-the organizer was made from chocolate toile, not gray. Still like it? I have another zipper I could use. : )

Zipper Case Envy Person said...


Zipper Case Envy Person said...


Holly said...

Alrighty, I'll get right on it! : ) heehee Today, Ethan's in the mood to go get groceries. Yesterday-"No Wal-Mart!", Today, "Wal-Mart! : )" After a day of being home, he's ready to get out-me too! : )