Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hallelujah! (if that's spelled correctly..)  I finally have my desk set up and running again.  Good grief-two days of Piles of stuff!  The kids helped move all my stuff from the office (which Ches called the Baby Room today! heehee), into our room where are desks are hard at work.
We went to Sam's last night and got a new wall-mount tv for between our desks-woohoo!-but Ches is choosing to watch this crazy Phone Booth movie right now (gross!).  It is working out.  The Baby Room (can I just giggle?) looks absolutely pathetic (dusty and two-tone walls), and I know it'll get better, but yuck.  We are shuffling furniture, which I didn't realize we had so much (not necessarily a good thing).  The buffet-thing won't fit back here, so it has to stay or go upstairs, or move to a new home (not in ours).  The white bookshelf/display shelf thing can come in here, but the wood bookshelf has to go-maybe to Ethan's room?  But Ches is worried he'll climb it, and it'll come down on him, not so good.  Then we'll have to make room for it in Ethan's room by moving the armoire down to the babies room (heehee).  You get the idea.
When I put Ethan to bed, he asked me to read his "Bible stories".  He points to his baby blue baby Bible.  I got it down (no pictures), and he just likes me to read to him.  It turned out to be the most precious time-Mary Claire ran and got her new Bible (well, maybe from last year?), and we read together.  Ethan was so happy, and just laid down to listen to us.  We do not do this enough, so we'll have to try harder.  I think we read most of the first half of John (I just opened up, and wanted to start with parables).  Sweet, sweet babies.
My sweet husband is making me a snack.  I'm starving and ready for bed, but I just had to pay a couple bills, check my email, and actually try out my new desk (well, the new location..).
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday!  We are all excited that Easter is coming so quickly!  Maybe that's one reason that we give something up for Lent?  We want to see the day Jesus rises even more!  We count, and we wait.  Ches counted days yesterday, and Mary Claire counted today!  Church should be longer tomorrow, and Ethan wants to sit in big church!  I'm praying that he's my precious boy and is as good tomorrow as he was today at the movies!  Bless his heart-he made it all the way through How to Train a Dragon (3D), mostly without his glasses-would've given me a major headache!  And I just have to say, without saying too was a very good movie.  I cried (hormones, maybe?), and thought it was precious when the viking dad was finally proud to call his son his son (redundant, but I can't think of a better way to say it!).  It was precious-and they learned that dragons were not mean, just a great movie.  Tolerance, patience, acceptance, friendship-and a boy character that so many can identify with-a kid who doesn't feel like he fits in.  Just see it. : )  I'll be purchasing a copy, so you can borrow it if you just can't go. (It'll just take longer!)
Ok, so back to Palm Sunday.  Let's get ready-laying palms at the feet of Jesus as he rides the donkey into Jerusalem.  Are we ready?  To accept that He died on the cross for our sins? and the sins we will still make?
..Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.  Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father, David... Psalm 118:25-26


The Mom said...

Great blog today~~

Warm and loving and filled with grace~~

You go girl~~


Want to sell the white thingie or relocate it to my house and then take it back later? ♫♫

Holly said...

Thank you, I can't always do a great job. It's either the crazy or the tears. : ) I'm trying to go, but somehow I sleep!
I may have to send it. I really do like it, it's great storage, I just don't know where to fit it in. Angie had suggested changing table, and it'd be great..I just can't decide if I want mixed furniture in that room (dark brown and antique white). Decisions. The white hutch is also sitting in the middle of my bedroom-just sitting, with all it's insides spewed out on the floor around it. What to do... so hard!