Sunday, February 21, 2010

A day of thinking...

I'm so tired, and so I won't make it long.  I always think Sundays are such easy, peasy lazy days.  They aren't.  They involve getting everyone to the same place at the same time in ironed, matching clothes.  That alone, is like Picture Stress!  Yes, some is self-imposed, but it's how I choose to live my life.  Matching.  Ironed.  Imagine the alternative-gross.

And then, I forgot it was Girl Scout World Thinking Day!  Right in the middle of cookie time!  I haven't even given out delivered all my cookies!  What a busy life a girl scout has!  It was overall a good program, but the beginning was a little slow.  It was lots of skits, songs, and presentations (for an hour and a half), then we finally got to travel around with our passports to all the countries.  There were some very creative backboards, give-aways, and great costumes!  I just think we didn't have enough time to read each country's info and time to process.  We kinda herded through like cattle, and when you give a girl a booklet to fill out, you've given her a mission!  Mary Claire was close to tears at the end when she didn't get to travel to all the countries (since we had to work the booth half the time!).  They were closing up, telling us to leave, and she was SO upset she didn't get to go to China (they had awesome stuff for sale for 10 cents-big folded paper things-very cool!).  She did get her name written in Chinese though, she got flags, hair sticks, cookies, toffee, juices, tea, pins, rice, a bracelet, necklace, coffee beans, etc.  Her blood sugar was 399 when we left there!  We'd been giving her insulin, but try counting foods you've never even seen before!  (like sweet potato cookies!)

I posted a few pictures from today, and one from a couple weeks ago-Ethan in the laser tag headset and a gun!  He just came down one morning in it after the kids were gone to school, I guess he planned to play by himself?  He just loves the electronic pow-pow it makes!

I'm still doing well-just really, really tired.  But still thankful.  I gave up Facebook for Lent, but I checked in today for a little while.  It can grab you, and hold on!  I have to turn it off when I go to bed tonight, so I won't start the checking again in the morning.  (Ok, it's closed.)  Alright, sending hugs your way!  G'night!


The Mom said...

Great photos of the kids~ L&H

Holly said...

Thanks! : ) They are fun. I just went to get Mary Claire from school-her ear hurts. I thought it was cold air from recess (when they should NOT be out-below 32 degree windchill!), but she said her tubes are both out. Huh. So, she's taking a nap, and we'll see how she is when she wakes up. She normally would want to watch tv, but not today. She's had good blood sugars too, so I don't know. : ( Hope your day is good! : ) Hugs!