Saturday, February 20, 2010

Italicize, it's good for you!

I have a love-hate relationship with my pillows.  They are feather-filled, and angst-causing.  I don't like synthetic pillows (no, not really biased, I just like to squish and contort my pillow when I sleep-you know, sleep-on-my-face, and cause as many wrinkles as possible, but oh, I sleep well..), so I live with pokey feathers.  The problem is they slowly creep out, and POKE ME!  Ouch.  I just had one stab my back as I sat down to write.  Yes, I'm in bed.  It's Ches' fault.  He got me this great new laptop, and it's so much warmer and cozier in bed.  Except for the pillows.  Err..I mean the feathers!
If you can imagine, there are a few areas of my life that I don't write about, and they got a little haywire today.  So just imagine..if you know all the crazy stuff, imagine what you don't know! : )  Consider yourself lucky!
Other than that, I got lots done.  I finished cleaning my desk, paid bills, and got my tax stuff ready! (this is alone a HUGE accomplishment! I have to tell you, so you'll know.)  I normally don't have much to do with our taxes.  I print out tons of reports and do all the fun chart-making, etc. but Ches does the actual prep work.  But, this year our accountant (yeah, we go back and forth with even having one, but this is our second year with this one, believe me, we need one now!  It gets hairier every year!) and he sent us a packet (small book) full of questions and blanks to fill out, and I did pretty well.  Only had to ask Ches a few questions, but we did it.  What a massive relief.  I have been dreading it, but I can sleep well tonight.
I have figured out (in the desk cleaning) that I have triple-booked appointments this Friday morning, and double booked appointments on March 8th.  I have got to get it together!  My brain is fried. (or boiled?)  Speaking of, I'm eating eggs every day now.  MMmm, good!  Two egg whites, "fried" (in Pam spray) on toast.  Yum.  I know my cereal has 100% of almost 20 vitamins and minerals (Multigrain Cheerios), but eggs are...yummy!  Polka-dotted with pepper like crazy, of course.  Anyway, I've got to make some calls on Monday morning to get all my appts straightened out!  I want to be at ALL of them, but I don't have a brain calendar.  (Note to self: get a brain calendar)
Mary Claire got almost mauled by a pit bull today.  It was not full-grown, maybe 6 or 7 months old, but it jumped up so high, it scratched her neck, and clawed at her shirt, and caused shear panic!  She ran back to Mom's house, cried, and was so scared!  It was okay, and you can't see the marks now, so all better, but so scary!  The sheriff came out to check it out, as they do with all pit bull cases, and long story... If it's out again, they'll take it away, but the lady had it out as soon as he left!  I think she's just pushing her luck.  Sometimes the dogs have the character of their owners (same with parents' children?), and the owners have gotten specific breeds because of their character. (see how I learned how to italicize, and I am not afraid to use it?)  I think pit bull owners want you to stay away, be afraid of them, and aren't so much social people.  Ok, this is totally biased, and yes, it's my opinion.  Take a look at the people you know with pets, and do a little analysis yourself! (such a fun Saturday activity!)
Tomorrow is back to family time.  PRE, church (will he or won't he go to the nursery??), lunch out, deliver some cookies to lucky buyers, and I'm thinking I just may have a meeting at the church tomorrow for Mary Claire's first communion that I just this instant remembered.  Oh, to take it as it comes.  I'm trying!  I've got to use my calendar more. (as much as I use the italics button?)

ps-if you were wondering, Target is STILL sold out of Zhu Zhu pets.  You can still get the tunnels, but oh, so boring if you don't have a little fake hamster to run around inside them.


The Mom said...

Good Morning~ Our darling MC was within six feet of our garage door when 'attack' occurred. The 'said' neighbors dog was on our driveway and her big brother was in the shop. Various neighbors have dropped by to see what the commotion was about and offered their solutions as well. (Some of the solutions not so sanitary:( I love dogs, but not ones who jump, scratch and bite, and that being said, it is the owner's fault, not the dogs.

I couldn't take poky feathers in the middle of the night. Yikes.

Check your FB email. I have a 'note' to you privately.

Have a great Sunday~~


Holly said...

I already responded to the email! : ) Sunday is going well, but I forgot we have Thinking Day at the Fayetteville Towne Center from 2-5! We gotta get on the road! : ) WHat a day...but Ches said he'd make dinner! Woohoo! : )