Monday, February 8, 2010

Clean under your bed!

I only have a minute, but it's been so long!  Since Thursday night or something?  My hcg came back fine, at 491, so it doubled plus a little, so everything is fine.

We've cleaned Clay's room from top to bottom, moved his furniture (well..Ches and Clay did, and Mary Claire and Ethan helped push on stuff-so cute!), and unstacked his bunk beds.  It looks so nice in there!  I even have been making his bed every day since it's so easy now! : )
We just need to paint in there now.  It still has the white sheetrock mud that got rubbed on last spring after the ice storm when we had a few things fixed (the holes behind his door handles...), so it looks crappy.  His bathroom needs a good paint job too, and new rugs..I'll work on it.

Our new favorite person is coming today: dishwasher repairman!! : ) We hope he can work miracles! : )  In seven minutes, actually, so I have to go get ready! : )

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