Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rudolph and the new License Picture

Procrastination is kicking my butt again. I work well under pressure, but not this much. I waited to get my new driver's license till it's almost too late (10 days or so?), and now I have a cold/allergies that have erupted, and my nose looks like Rudolph's! : P What now?

And. I have an appointment to get the oil changed in my van tomorrow at 9am, and Clay has his ENT recheck/post-surgery appointment at 9:20, and I SO can't be in two places at once. I put off rescheduling his appt (mainly because I hadn't a clue when it was), and my van is yelling at me that I'm over (now 61 miles past my 0% oil life left) (like oil dies). I'm trying to be calm and handle it all. Really. But now I'm sick. I can dodge the balls really well when I'm on top of my game, but now I'm getting hit with the panda heads and shoes (you just have to play Wii to get it).

Anyway, I'm hoping a solution will materialize by morning. A miracle, if you will. Virawan and little Natalie came for a visit this morning and we totally talked about miracles vs. luck. I believe in miracles. I guess faith is choosing to believe in miracles. And I believe a solution will present itself really soon (maybe before I hit the pillow in the next 20 minutes?). Miracles are all around us, and God blesses us with them daily. The more amazed we are at His goodness, the more He throws at us (unlike panda heads).

I have another list, but it just made it into file 13. I'm tired, and need some rest. I'm not sleeping so well right now. Night time is hard (last night it was guilt over changing MC's pump site), and today I couldn't nap for illness (difficulty breathing) and that ringing invention. Handy, but unhandy.

I saw Sunshine Cleaning was out on DVD, and it's supposed to be really good (never made it here on the big screen). Let me know if you like it! : ) I'm planning to get it at Redbox in the next week (when I feel like I can stay up two hours to watch it!)


Anonymous said...

My NETFLIX queue gets SUNSHINE CLEANING to me tomorrow;)

Holly said...

I wanna see it!! : )