Monday, August 3, 2009


The days are getting shorter, I think. There's just not enough time in the day. Is this a perennial problem, or annual (heehee)?

We've been staging a house for a few days, and last night the electricity went out on us-and ScArEd me to death! I was just sure it was a stranger cutting the power, and coming in on us! (It was not, thank goodness!) But it's coming along. It looks sooo much better! I'll get some pictures up in a couple days, because...

Ps: did I tell you a dropped a dozen eggs on the floor? A dozen, out-of-date, eggs I was trying to crack into the sink to wash away oldness? And they went off balance, and fell onto the floor and the edges of my cute Company C rug? Boo. Hoo. : (

Pps: Now I have hair *at the top of my head* that is only about 2 inches long. Talk about layered. : P


Gigi said...

~~What special days we have~~

How fortunate we are to give our little girl tiny pieces of heavenly fun..

She didn't make her camping hoo..

But she made memories with her tea party with Elizabeth and Bella and Mommy and Gigi...

And her grand finale was a little 'something' extra called Polly Pockets.

Does every little girl get to dress up in a fancy dress and pearls and ribbons? I guess not, but our precious Sissy tripped the light fantastic on this special day.

Pictures are to follow soon...


Anonymous said... photo to follow soon?

Holly said...

I"m working on it!!!