Thursday, December 18, 2008

Party Day!

Ok, Ches is taking the kids to school-at 7:51-hope they make it! I was making last minute teacher gifts (precious chocolate zebra with lime green monogrammed tumbler and chocolate with white dot, red monogram for other teacher, ahhhh..) since Clay decided he wanted to give Mrs. Gawf her gift this morning instead of at the party...Last minute mayhem! : O Then I shut the door on my babies as I yelled, "Don't mess up the bow!" I meant "I love you!" Now I have five minutes-could be shower time, but I feel the need to update my one reader on my excitement-filled life!
Oh, and Ethan is sick again...Pneumonia last week, the kid's been on home arrest since last Tuesday, and he woke us all up (Climbed out of bed) and needed a breathing treatment and a diaper change, and bygolly he wanted it now! Then he just continued generally whiny-ness. He got some chewables (thank God for chewables) and settled down to watch Little Einsteins. for 3 minutes. then snacks (fruit snacks), doos (juice), and up (hold my body while you work feverishly!)
Ok, to the shower for real!


Gigi said...

Congratulations on adding one more thing to you already busy schedule! Maybe you can add a puppy, wash my car, make more pretzels dipped in white chocolate (YUMMY), and then go out for Ches' birthday Friday evening!

How smart you are my dear! Love you!

Holly said...

Love you too! Umm, at 32 degrees, I'll have to put off car washing till spring... Yeah-spring.

Gigi said...

:makes a note


Car washing in spring. Ummm.. March 14th, 2009
My fascination with schedules continue and I
can't wait for the experience of a clean automobile. Do you also engage in Armor-all type activities?


Holly said...

Umm, I generally give $4-5 for a drive thru. Will schedule giving-of-the-money for March 13th. If you go to Boomerang, you can vac for free. Sometimes on sunny days, they give a free wipey to use while in drive thru. Maybe I'll go with, and I'll rub around with it... Are you buyin' lunch?

Gigi said...

Lunch? Is this your birthday or what? You volunteered the wash girlfriend!! But back to the chocolate dipped pretzels, I didn't get a firm reply??

Holly said...

Volunteer? ARe we on the same page? It was a maybe suggestion from YOU-I was being generous, cause I'm too nice. You may come and dig in to the pretzels, one gallon-size bag left. No delivery possible today, as I plan to perform miracles. Party at 1:30-decorating at 12:45, and still am working on shower...