Saturday, December 27, 2008

Next Post-Peace be with you!

Well, I had to continue on another day since we went on till after MIDNIGHT!! My laptop shut down (not even a warning, darn it!) and I was busy till today... Ethan was back up at 12:30am, and we gave him medicine (more Acephen-sounds bad-in the heinie). He just wanted to lounge in front of tv, so I chose a nice tv show I could tolerate at that hour. He even watched-and there were no brightly colored dancing characters! : )
Lexi pooped on Clay's quilt-aGAIn! at about 8:30pm, so I took her down to my bathroom to stay the night. Yeah, right. The wimpering had to sTOP! I put her in bed with Clay (no pooping on my bed!) when we were up with Ethan. I checked Mary Claire for the 14th time yesterday, she was still high-ugh. 297, I think. I gave her a correction on her pump, and took a turn with Ethan.
When Ethan woke us at 6am, I quickly moved Lexi to the laundry room (she was noisy, but it confined poop potential!) She actually made it with no deposits on Clay's bed! Hooray, girl! : ) THen she peed like a good girl, and we moved on to Sick Boy. What a sucky second birthday. Good thing he got to play tractor yesterday! : ) ANd it's rainy awfully. And a chance of tornado, even better.
I worked on laundry again...DeJaVu! Got my bedding changed, cleaned the kitchen, washed the remainder of the dining room stuff, and almost have it back to rights (reset, you know!) I'm still washing the napkins.
I fit in a Wii workout when Ethan first went down. Had to fight off Clay who was kicking some butt in Tennis. I was pretty proud of him. But not when I found out he'd fingerprinted my Fit dvd with dirty lunch fingers, AND broken my Fit case, and generally messed all up. I sent him to his room to nap with Lexi (so I could fit in a workout to destress! ie, since no sleep or nap!!!) Good workout! : )
Only fit in about 15 minutes of the Women movie while making bed in the am. Will work on that. If I go over one day, Red Box adds $1 each day. It's just cool to think you can rent a dvd for one day for only one dollar. So to make it work, you must WATCH it in one day-they know us well, don't they?
Ok, sorry so slow on the posts. I'm the b-word, and with sick child, potty-training pup, kids home from school, and self-infliction of necessary things to do, plus OC disorder mounting up (top lights of xmas tree not working, and driving me NUTS!) I can either fit it in at 1am, or sleep a little before waking at 6am to poop and crying. Yes, I choose sleep over typing any day. And when I decide to type, my laptop goes bleep.
Well, we cancelled the small bday party for the cutie, but now he's slightly better. If crying and being needy after nap are better. We'll still have his cake (I almost cut some last night-mmmm...chocolate and buttercream...), sing, and he's opened all his presents. Maybe we'll get another cake (maybe an ice cream cake-woohoo!) next week to celebrate with family. I truly love having childen who are small who I get to choose cakes for-it's joyous. and delish. Then they get big and pick Dinosaurs with red and green icing that turns your mouth colors and they can tell when you've dipped into it the next day. I'm just sayin', you know, it's fun to get to pick the cake.
Alrighty, we are splitting up for church again today. Obviously, our pew has germs. Ches is taking MC today, and I'll take Clay tomorrow. I'm sure our pew-area family thanks God silently. They are sweet, but sometimes I imagine what they are saying... "Geez, why do they flop all over the place? Why do they bring books and notebooks? They aren't very reverent. Their mom should whip them into shape! Why can't they kneel with their rear off the seat? I feel sorry for them." THe last one I'm pretty sure of since they grab my hand with both of theirs, look into my harried eyes, and say, "PEACE be with you," nodding with all the meaning and emphasis and heart and sympathy they can squish into those tiny "required" words. They try not to sound sorry for me, but more that they send me peace thru their arms straight to my heart, to try and help will me thru till the next week when they'll either thank God for no children who arch their backs and yell, or they'll pray for the mom who brings him!
Peace be with you!

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Gigi said...

Bless you heart darling. Just call and I will come and take over for three or four hours or however long you need. It sounds like you are truly a 'busymom' for sure.

I just like being in charge ;o) lol

Love and hugs~~~

Your helper in all things, good and bad.