Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can't wait for Christmas! (neither can a couple other short people!)

Dum-diddy-dum! a Puppy has struck again! We've been enjoying puppy (Lexi, for now) for almost two days! She's sweet, and is starting to perk up. She mostly wants to be with Clay, but likes to be held if she's not prancing around. She stays very close-not even venturing to another room. She's eaten, peed (on paper! once on carpet..), and pooped (once on paper, once a few inches away..).
We had to go out yesterday to get Mary Claire more strips for her meter and insulin (using pen needles to fill her pump reservoir now, so new insulin for her every 3 days-very potent!), and to bank, post office.... So, we took Lexi! She's an angel in the car. : ) She rides on Clay's lap, just so very content to be held. Since we had to go out... we went ahead and took her to the vet yesterday. She got a rabies shot, some Nutri-cal to give her energy since she's not eating as much as she should, and some Heartguard chunks to avoid worms. He said she had a slight underbite (only bad if we're showing her-heehee, only to friends!), and a something patella (kneecap that could go out of place, but she'll raise her leg if it does). Other than that, she's great! No fleas, earmites, poopy problems-worms? Funny, the whole world that exists out there that you are oblivious to if you don't have a pet! : )
It's definitely something else to take care of-watching her like a hawk after she eats to wait for her pee and poop! Making sure she's eating, resting, warm, has fresh water, etc.
Well, I got the dressing made for Christmas Day, and made some sugar cookies for the kids to decorate tomorrow. I did three loads of laundry, vacuumed the house, and mopped the floors. Whew, I remember looking up at the clock-and it was only 9:30! That means the kids got up WaYyyyy too early if I had time to get all that done!
Ches and the kids have gone up north (teehee-to Missouri) to see his mom and stepdad and exchange presents. Ethan is still not going anywhere, so I'm staying behind. He's sound asleep (as is Lexi on my lap..).
Well, we've survived the crazy break-in period, so I think Lexi (current name still..) will be fine. Welcome to the Family, Baby Girl! : )
We may be on to the next thing. A-hem. Ches has been looking at house plans for the last few days. Since the rate dropped, and should stay down for the next 3 to 6 months, he'd like to sell and build. We'd have to sell our house first, live in a rental house or something (Big Something), and then build. We've been on both sides: caught straddling two houses for months, and living in a hotel because our house sold too fast. Let me just say, the hotel was much preferable! We'll see where this goes... I will say I lurve the plans he's finding-huge laundry rooms (my request-my second bedroom, you know!) bathrooms to the backyard for pool guests (to avoid the drippy bathroom runs-mostly Mary Claire though) (Thank you, God, that she pees in a toilet and not my swimming water!) Let's see... fewer two-story rooms (totally wasteful use of space and energy (and energy bills!), and space used more efficiently. Mary Claire's room could have been two rooms. Need I go on? If we don't move, we'll be just fine here, if we do, fine too. We're a family no matter where we live. : ) A family of 6 now-Clay says! : )
Happy thoughts: It's warmed above freezing for a while : ), I don't have to go out today, warm puppy, sugar cookies to decorate, mostly clean house, no need to plug outside Christmas lights in anymore (oh yeah, blew the outlet, btw), two fewer gifts to open Christmas morn (I caved to requests this am), excited to use my new iPod alarm clock with hidden subwoofer (whatever) (Christmas present from Ches), and CaN'T wAiT for my Wii!!!! and wii Fit!!!!! X I X I X (me doing excited jumping jacks)!


Gigi said...

The sweet little boy is certainly beaming with happiness holding his new little puppy! There is joy in the air all around.

The Ware's said...

Congrats on the puppy - I see it's 6 months old..did you get it from a shelter? So sweet looking! Welcome to the world of pet ownership - us with our 2 cats, 1 dog and fish.. ha! :o) Enjoy Christmas tomorrow - we are heading to FL on Friday.. and your Wii and Wii fit.. we love our's! We'll have to get together in 2009.. it was nice seeing the kids at Children's Liturgy last weekend!

Holly said...

THanks! : ) Mom watched Ethan, so we got to go together! The kids loved it, I just don't know if we can do it every week. Ethan is so sick lately.
ps-our Miis will have to play together too!
and No, we got Lexi from a breeder in Oklahoma.
and Ohmygoodness, have fun in Florida!! I'd love to be headed south about now!! : ) Happy New Year, Sandra! : )