Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kid can climb out of bed!

Newsflash! Bad day-Ethan can climb out of bed-how to shower now!? Did another load of laundry, uploaded more pictures of funny house-clean, ready for Christmas in some places...and my bed isn't made, and wrapping paraphernalia is strewn thru my room! I'm not done, so it seems pointless to clean and then mess up again. Don't have time for pointless. Off to shower, child has quieted. No more door slamming after harsh, "NO!" for coming out. (of bed AND room!) What's to be done? My other kids stayed in their baby beds till almost 3. It's so safe, at the top of the stairs! You know, to be in a cage.
Cleaned up megablocks, car track, potatohead adornments/body parts, chocolate milk cup (boo!-sitting on loveseat-yay! upright), cleaned one bathroom, took out bathroom trash (floss hanging off, tissues on floor). I'm mighty talented-I'm the only one who can do it! : ) Add Coke to calories consumed.
and I heard the door again! AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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