Sunday, July 31, 2011

Changing Lives

Washington DC always makes for a long day.  We rode the train (exciting if you are a little boy!), saw museums, monuments, and even fit in the zoo!

I'm trying to get the pictures ready..I was planning to try something new.  Amy uses software to get the biggest, most beautiful collages together, and I was thinking I could try (even though I have a Mac!).  It's taking me wayy longer than I thought, so I'll keep working.  We have a super-long drive tomorrow (to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!), so that should give me time to get them ready. ; )

Here are a few that I really like:
You can't learn anything from experiences you're not having.  -Louis L'Amour (and so..we give our kids experience!) : )

This was a display on medical devices that changed our lives.  Pregnancy tests...and a One-Touch Home Meter.  They've both changed my life.

Mary Claire with Michelle O'Bama's inaugural ball gown-it was beautiful.

The kids on the National Mall with the Capitol Building in the background-but it's all washed out.  (well..I know it's there.) : )

My kids in the National Zoo (sign)!  We are totally the zoo. ; )

And the big ferocious reason we took two extra Metro rides, and walked for a couple extra miles: a real, alive Tiger.  (and suffered at least 5 meltdowns and pee behind a tree on the way there)
Do you already know not to go to DC in the hot, steamy summer?  'Cause if you ask...I'd say to wait till fall.  or Christmas.  or even Easter for the Egg Roll?  Summer is so stinkin' hot!  I love it though, so we persevered.  In thin flip-flops...I gotta take a hint from the tourists and whatever book they read.  I should wear better shoes and a fanny pack.  Bahahahaha..  Not.

At least I didn't wear heels and a Chanel bag (Seriously, people-it's gravel.)  (Did you outlet shop yesterday or something?)


The Ware's said...

Ahh... sigh... I miss DC - so much to do! We loved living there! We'll have to take Emily back soon - she's starting to forget things! Glad you're having fun!!

Unknown said...

Oh how I miss DC.

I loved living in Norther VA...and I have so many awesome memories of days at the mall.

If you ever have more pics, I'd love to see them...nostalgia...

We met at Murphy's Irish Pub on King Street in Old Town Alexandria. I'd love a picture of that place if you're ever strolling by!

Amy said...

Thanks for the nice compliment! I bet with an hour or so of playing around with it you will be a master ;)

And, the photo of the pregnancy test freaked me out just a wee bit. Thought you were announcing something!!!!! :)