Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scan This!

Well..we found out the hard way that there was no breakfast in our hotel!  We used some of our points with Marriott for a room last night, and we stayed out of our Residence Inn Comfort Zone (but it was a month-old Courtyard by Marriott-and nice!). . .and had yogurt and grapes from our cooler for breakfast!  Ooops.  They are used to big breakfasts on the road (unlike what momma gives them at home!), so they were disappointed.

We found a nearby church and made it for Mass at eleven.  And it was a small church-when I told the usher five, he said four? And I said five!  He gave me the Whew! Look like, there’s no room for five, lady!  He said we may have to split up (!), but found us a nice pew right up front.  Love that they always save the front for guests. : )  haha!  The biggest surprise?  We were back in our van in 39 minutes!!  What?  Is Pennsylvania church always that fast?  I guess you’d get lots more people in church that way! Ha! : )

Next was the road trip to King of Prussia mall outside Philadelphia.  I couldn’t wait to get in the My Best Fit to get my booty scanned!  They measure you all around (with your clothes on) electronically, and within ten minutes you get a printout of what jeans (and their styles!) will fit you best in what size.  Cool.  I’ve only read about it, and it’s the only place in the United States!  You could say I’m only making this trip for this precious little bit of heinie/hip info, and I wouldn’t deny it (but I wouldn’t admit it either!).

It was great-I got three pages of printouts (two jeans and one for dress pants) with the best fits and to what degree they’ll fit me well (there is a red to green spectrum, and the closer the arrow is to the green, the better they match your body shape).  It wasn’t the best time for me to go test out the data since Ethan was hyper, Clay didn’t want to shop, and Mary Claire only wanted to go to Justice!  I’ll try out the specific sizes next time I shop!  I actually have one of the jean styles and one of the dress pant styles, so I think it’s going to work! : )
Here is the magic scanner.

Ethan thought I'd disappear in there, so he wanted to try it!

...waiting for my printouts...

cha-ching!  Three full color sheets of pants that will FiT!

Here are my jeans printouts.  Don't look too close.  See the arrows along the green/red spectrum?  That's how well they will fit me.

We have spent the majority of the day on the road...along the turnpike in Pennsylvania.  We can tell you all about the bathrooms, amenities, restaurants, etc. in each!  This seemed like a true driving day.

We had dinner after King of Prussia mall, and discovered (aha! moment) that Cinnabon makes Ethan super hyper and naughty.  He’s finally calmed down, but he was nuts for over an hour!  What ever is in there that puts the spell on us...obviously puts a Naughty Hex on him! : P

We’ll be at the beach 8:30 tonight, our earliest hotel arrival yet!  We can’t decide whether to tempt it with a visit to Ches’ aunt Rita, or just get the kids to bed at a decent hour.  We are excited too!

We could write our own Laura Numeroff book:
If you let the kids go see Aunt Rita, they’ll want to just s-e-e the sand.
If they see the sand, they’ll want to play in it!
If they play in the sand, they’ll get dirty and want to get out and stomp on the boardwalk.
If they walk on the boardwalk, they’ll want to go down to the rides.
If they see the rides, they’ll want to ride them!
If they get to ride the rides, they’ll want snacks! (chocolate bacon, cotton candy, pretzels!)
If they have snacks, they’ll be sugared up and wild and want to ride more!
If they ride more, they’ll stay out late.
Once they’re out late, they’ll want to go back and see Aunt Rita to tell her goodnight! those kids! : ) 
Cool, huh?  (or not..but we think so!)
Last little bit (since it’s a boring driving day!)... We got our very own E-Z Pass!  We’ve been saying we’d get day, and One Day finally came!  We are the proud owners of a big ‘ole sticky thing on our windshield.  Haha!  Let’s hope and pray it works (so we don’t get ANOTHER ticket from the state of New Jersey for twenty six dollars for that two dollar toll we threw dollars at since there was no toll attendant.  That was NOT fun, and they don’t seem to like all my letters.  They sure don’t write back. : (


Unknown said...


Loved this post :)

Totally jealous of that awesome thingy and your very cool list of recommended jeans!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Not that I'd want my body scanned, but if it saved me time trying on clothes, then heck yeah, scan me baby!!

Love your 'book'...perfect!

Leigh said...

I'm glad you guys are having fun!! :) We totally need pictures of the meet up!! ;) Love all of the museum pictures!

Jen Snow said...

Looks like fun! :) Love seeing the pictures!

Melissa Angert {All Things Chic} said...

Looks like a great trip!! Glad you got EZ Pass -- Yesterday my husband called me and said, "I just went through the EZ Pass lane and then I remembered it was in your car, not mine" WHOOPS. Maybe we'll get a letter from New Jersey soon too!

Amy said...

Nope. Wouldn't do a body scan. Don't want to know ;) Thanks for all the info, though!

And the photos were helpful if I ever am crazy enough to try one ;)

Misty said...

I love your Laura Numeroff story!! And I totally want to go find that store with the scanny thingy!