Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey there, it's Yogi Bear!

First things first!  I got all the pictures from DC “scrapbooked” on My Digital Studio!  I didn’t quite get them the way Amy had them, but I gave up-it was too hard to get the different sizes to fit together like puzzle pieces!  I have already scrapped most of the trip/pictures as we’ve been driving.  What else would I do as we drive? : )  Here are the DC (quickly put together!) pages:

Second...what a gorgeous drive today!  We left DC, and traveled down Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway towards Tennessee.  We took the scenic route..and paid fifteen dollars for it..I had no idea!  It is a national park (Shenandoah), so there is maintenance I guess.  I will say the roads were perfect, some newly paved.  And the views?  Amazing is not adequate!

I also learned a little about mountains. : )  When you stand near the top of Skyline Drive, you can see two mountain ridges-both part of the Appalachian Mountains.  To the west you can see the long, straight, parallel ridges of Massanutten Mountain.  To the south you see the ragged, jumbled Blue Ridge Mountains.  The geologic origins create the contrast!  The mountains of Shenandoah National Park contain some of North America’s oldest rock formations-and are home to more plant species that ALL of Europe, including 100 tree and more than 900 wildflower species!
Blue Ridge Mountains

Massanutten Mountain
**Ok, after a little research..I found out that the Massanutten Mountain is made of rock layers (think piled up deck of cards or wrinkled throw rug) that are folded downward in a “U” shape (called a syncline), which accounts for it’s double ridge shape.  And ..the ridges are capped with sandstone, which is resistant to weathering and erosion.  So they aren’t likely to weather anytime soon.  (  So, they stay relatively flat, unlike the Blue Ridge Mountains which are older (the oldest mountains in the world!), and have been weathered much longer by the constant wind blowing across the exposed ridgetops, torrents of rain, freezing and thawing water in crevices, and chemical decomposition to reduce them from Sierra size (up to 14, 000 ft) to their current low profile (at an average of 3-4000 feet).  (from**  You are SO welcome for your geology lesson for today. : )

..We always rent Redbox movies while we are traveling.  It makes for a super-pleasant car ride!  Today, the kids were watching Yogi Bear (you’ll remember I didn’t love this movie) while we drove through the parkway and through Virginia.  It seemed campy/woodsy and apropos.  Well..guess what we drove by?  Jellystone National Park!  Seriously.  I couldn’t make this up.  The kids had asked me a few miles back if Jellystone was a real place-and I said, “No-it’s just a pretend park similar to Yellowstone National Park.”  Eating.  My.  Words.  Haha!  There are apparently lots of Jellystone National Parks (yes, we stopped to get more info and shop the store, which had CLeaN bathrooms!).  They are campsites plus pool, waterslides, parks, etc.  Very  nice!

I even got Mary Claire a patch for her brownie vest with Cindy Bear on it!  It seemed kinda scouty there. : )

I must give out a Cleanest Rest Stop Restroom Award.  We visited it today.  I’m never impressed with a rest stop (it’s usually only used in desperation!), but today-Bathroom Nirvana! : )   First, it was clean.  No tp on the floor, the trash can was recently emptied. There was no bad smell.  It had a clean window with bright light.  The stalls were white and clean (free of graffiti!).  The floor was clean, mirrors clean, toilets clean.  (I wouldn’t be surprised if it only opened a few days ago.)  Congratulations, Virginia Rest Area Mile 158 South on Interstate 81!  You deserve kudos!  I must contact Virginia now.

*PS-Yes, we come to Washington, DC, and single-handedly impacted our country.  The budget crisis is averted (debt ceiling raised)-we only had to be here for the weekend to impress our strong dissatisfaction with the unmeeting of the minds.  Now for it to pass congress.  You are welcome (I think..).

**Don’t forget to register for the contest!  Up for grabs: a Vera Bradley (Imperial Toile) Clip Zip ID Tag!  You have your choice of the two prints I picked up : )  Leave a comment with your name before Wednesday, August 3 at midnight! : )  ('s not letting me add a picture!  I'm having internet trouble, so I'll try again tomorrow..I'm sleepy!  They are both chocolate brown with ivory, one is leaves, one is floral!)


Tracy1918 said...

Wow! You are amazing! Scrapbooking queen! Love the pics. I'm from pretty!

Unknown said...

Yeah...SERIOUSLY!? Freakin' scrapbooking from your car as you guys are driving???? YOu are INSANE woman!!!

And way to go Virginia!!!

The Ware's said...

Love your pages so far!!! :o)