Monday, July 11, 2011

Tin Castle

Hey ya'll!  I've been busy : )  I am now an official Metal Worker.  (and it's hard work!!)  No wonder they have unions, they don't get enough respect! ; )  I know, I know, I just used tin snips, but it was glove-wearing, sharp-scary-metal time.  I even got a piece stuck in the back of my thigh (I know, I didn't wear pants, Cardinal Rule)-and it hurt!  But...I had fun.

First I drew my design-I decided on a sand castle for summer : )  You have to either cut off the extra metal into chunks as you go, or roll it.  It gets harder on the up "mountains".  The screw on my tin snips would hit as I went.  (maybe that's the reason for the red handle ones?)

This is the raw to file it down, so I don't slice off a finger.  (hey-see that TV cabinet?  I ordered the new one!..should be here in a week or so!)

Now, you have to wipe it down with vinegar to get rid of the shiny coat that keeps the paint from adhering. (found this good news online!)

First ivory coat of paint.

Added some shading..

Ta-Da! It's done.  I added painted windows and a door, then twine for the holder.

And even a little pale turquoise flag (on a painted skewer!)  I would've monogrammed the flag if I'd had time.  ..but I'm tired! : )
There you go-a tin roofing craft!  I will {maybe} not be doing another.  It's ok, but not my forte.  Now to use up all this extra metal my boys walked all over and dented...Ches thinks I should make a Christmas Something?  I'm thinking an angel or a flying pig (ok, not Christmas, but how *cute* would that be?)  I have enough for maybe two or three more, so I better get to work.  The metal can't stay around.


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Wow!!! I'm impressed! You did an awesome job!

Jen Snow said... are awesome!!! :)

Unknown said... are outta control!!! IN.A.GOOD.WAY! Love it and your creative self.

Hallie Addington said...

You are amazing! Plain and simple!

Darling castle! :)

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Gracie!