Saturday, July 9, 2011

Take a Friend

What a great couple of days!  We are so blessed to have such great friends : )  Summer really is made up of a lot of little fun things every day.  Sometimes my kids remember the odd little games or prayer time together rather than the big events (Disney) when we are on vacation.  I'm trying to do more little things. : )

Yesterday the boys and girls split up and I took Mary Claire and her friend to the Fayetteville Public Library...*love* that place!  We got lots of books, videos, music, and a couple playaways. (they are audio books on mp3 players!)  And since I didn't have Ethan, and they wanted some time to look alone?  I got to check out some parenting books.  (so thankful there is a parenting section in the children's department!)  I'll tell you all about a few when I get more read-such amazing lessons for kids.  Sometimes we lose sight of where we are guiding our kids.  We have to keep the end goal in mind. : )
Fayetteville Public Library

The patio is outside the children's section, and the "garden" is roof over the parking deck, so if the kids fall over the rail, they only hit grasses-so safe! heehee ; ) we started at Boingo Bounce (indoor jumpy place!) with Sandra and her girls.  We watched the l-a-s-t shuttle launch on Sandra's phone (can you believe it's the last one?),
Last Atlantis flight, photo credit: Gary W. Green, Orlando Sentinel
and the kids sweat and generally wore themselves out.

I was super-worried about Mary Claire this morning.  She was 126 when she woke up, but she gave herself a bolus for breakfast (a yogurt), but kept leaving it laying around-not eating it or even opening it!  When we got ready to leave, I told her to take it with her, she ate about half of it, but she said she didn't feel like eating the rest of it (extremely rare for her, she *loves* to eat!).  I got a little panicked since she was getting ready to jump and run (and was really likely to go low!).  I set her on a temp basal of 0% for an hour, knowing it'd make up the .4 that she probably didn't eat.  Would it work?

About 11:15, I saw her laying on the floor.  I ran over, and asked her if she was low, and she was mumbling, but after repeated asking, said no.  What the heck was she doing on the floor?  She told me she was tired.  (Maybe she was running out of steam after not eating breakfast and playing so hard?)  She was 112, so she'd made it.  SCARY!

We ate lunch with the kids at Lenny's, then went by the church to straighten the books and set out new envelopes.  Next, we came home and swam with one of my friends, then Mary Claire had a friend over to swim.  The boys were wiped out.  Ethan fell asleep on the couch.  Sweet boy.  I know he's too young to give up naps, but he has.  He tries so hard to keep up with the big kids! ; )

Then we went out to eat for dinner, and took Mary Claire's friend along.  We also decided to go to the movies! : )  We all didn't want to see the same movies, so we split up and I took the girls to see Monte Carlo.

It was a sweet movie, and I liked that for the most part of the movie, Selena Gomez hardly wore makeup.  She is just gorgeous without it, but I love that it encourages other girls that they are just perfect without it!  The girls did get close with some guys, but the culminating scenes with each "couple" involved a kiss.  Not too bad.  They did assume another's identity to get a vacation of their dreams, but admitted wrong and lived with the consequences.  They were all so cute, and instead of wearing 40 outfits (each like I thought they would!), they wore mostly the same thing since their luggage was left behind in Paris! and they only :borrowed: Cornelia's clothes for the big events.  Ok, all this to say, it was a good movie, and didn't make the girls think they needed big cities, or bright lights. : )

We're all home, and getting ready for bed.  Thankful for friends tonight, my kids' friends, and all of you!  I pray that God blesses you with the counsel of Godly friends (Proverbs 27:9), with sweet company, and that you make some special little memories with your kids (or friends or families)! 

No one has greater love than to lay down his own life for his friends. John 15:13


Unknown said...

ah...what a great day. I am so glad that Marie Claire did not go low. I hate that we have that on our radars all the time.

I am grateful for you too Holly. xo

Misty said...

Love the library patio and love the reminder to keep sight of where we are guiding our kids!

Jen Snow said...

Wow! what a busy day! Faith had fun at the library! :)

Hallie Addington said...

What a lovely day! Sounds like fun! And the library looks beautiful! We love going to the library! :)