Sunday, July 3, 2011

Unicorn Prep

I am in full-on (is that a word?) cleaning mode.  I've cleaned things that didn't know Pledge existed heretofore (that one is a word.  I googled to be sure I wasn't making things up.  Totally Possible.)
I have dusted backs of chairs, corners behind drapes, windowsills, and I'm packing up all the I Need To Do's and Good Intentions.

I have piles all over that are intended for friends (clothes that my kids have outgrown, shoes I made a friend's daughter, cd's to return), clothes to donate, returns for Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Target, Academy Sports, Hobby Lobby (and yes, I'm so serious-I have piles of returns!).  They take up space in my house, and they mentally haunt me.  So, today, I made a list as I loaded each thing in my van, they aren't coming back in my house.  I've also accumulated some extra furniture since I got a couple new things, so I'm getting those moved to new homes too!

Feels fresh and clean, like when you walk into your house and there are lines (the good vacuumy kind) in the carpet, and you can smell Clean (not stinky Pine-Sol, but clean laundry!).  I've got much more to do, but piles just rob my joy, and I don't need the stuff.  I even have two new decorating things, but I've let them sit for so long, I don't know if the store will take them back anymore.  I just want to give them to the store to resell at this point!  They're just taking up space here. : P

Ok, so no help on Twitter?  Maybe that's why I haven't been on it before! : )  I'll keep trudging along..but Misty!  How did you post your blog?  Really!  That's something. : )

Ok, I'll leave you with my latest.  Mary Claire requested a unicorn.  She wanted purple and pink (ack!  I know, she's 9).  (and I didn't have lavendar embroidery thread to match a pale fabric, and dark purple seemed really harsh, and then I had to do something that either matched the hot pink or totally was was hard, Really.  I couldn't monogram her name in hot pink or white because of the stripes, so..) I decided to make it a little preppy unicorn.  Haha-hope she likes it!  (Guess I can always make another?)  It's lime on a hot pink towel (she did pick the towel) : )
I will not be making another.  It took three hours.  The fluffy white hair is mostly to blame.
What we do to make our children "happy" can really do a number on us!  Hope you make your babies happy, and appreciate the freedom to do it. heehee  Happy Independence Day!  Enjoy some sun, water, sparklers, big booms, and friends! : )


Misty said...

Ok, let's see if I can explain this. When you are viewing your blog, at the top left there is a button that says "share". When you click on that twitter and facebook are both options. You may have to sign in with your twitter username/password at that point, but that's it!

Amy said...

You have some talent! And, I am glad you like the feeling /smell/look of a clean home. I once did, but it is not worth having it torn abrt 5 minutes after I finish! I settle now for picked up and wiped off ;)

Nice to 'meet' you, Holly! I think I'll spend a little times browsing your archives to find out more about your cute little family.

Leigh said...

LOL, Amy! While I long for a deep down clean. I settle for picked up and wiped off too. With a touch of washing the blankets we keep stashed in the living room so I have the laundry smell too! :) Deep clean will happen someday!! :)

I am so impressed by your talent, Holly! If I can ever get my machine uncovered (with piles, and piles and piles) I am totally inspired by you!! :) I'll see what I can do! :)

Talk to you soon!! Hope you are having a happy summer!

And I know I am usually negative about my pancrating abilities, but I (finally) totally rocked his numbers with HOMEMADE ice cream that I didn't even make! It was the biggest SWAG ever! I was pumped! (Well, I was excited, I wish we were "pumped"! HA!)