Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Normal Day

The kids are in VBS this week, and they are doing so well! : )  They are divided by age, but I thought Ethan would want Clay every time he saw him, but so far, so good.  When I dropped Mary Claire off yesterday, she had a boy leader, and two boys on her pew.  She looked at me, and I just gave her the (it'll be ok, I promise!) look.  She'd been so nervous about not knowing anyone (we didn't end up having English VBS at our church, so they are at the Catholic church in Fayetteville), and we've prayed all week!  So then I prayed from the time I left her (yes, seriously!) through my first two errands.  I really wanted her to have a great time with sweet kids.

And guess what?  She loved it, and made a couple friends.  Praise God! : )  I was so thankful.  They had fun yesterday, and we learned that one friend's name is Mitchell (girl).  The first day she couldn't tell me anyone's name, so I told her to get a Name! : )  So happy for the kids-Ethan had an awesome time at music, sang very loudly, and is quite the entertainer (no shock to his momma!), and Clay is growing up-he's so mature about it . : )

I'm helping with check-in today, so I'm up extra early.  I'm glad to do something.  I was really hoping to teach at ours, but we didn't have enough helpers to teach/run VBS. : (  Sad that we have the largest church in Arkansas, but can't muster help for a vacation bible school.  Bad sign.

Mary Claire hasn't called me either day!  Instead of eating the snack, she just puts it in her bag and eats it at home.  I have this feeling she doesn't want to check her blood or get out her pump in front of anyone.  Should I let this go?  Her blood sugar has been fine, and I think she likes being "normal".  I don't know how long it can go on...I guess I'll let her go as long as she can, I get it. 

Bunco was here last night, and my friends are so kind.  They were incredibly sweet, and loved the BBQ. heehee  I also made a carrot cake recipe that I've had since 1994 I think?  My friend kept asking where I got the recipe-I don't think she was content with just my other friend's name!  It's just a recipe on paper, so no reference.  Sometimes those are the best recipes though!

Today and tomorrow, laundry and packing!  The kids can't wait to leave.  Target had 8g SD cards on sale this week for $9, so I got Clay and Mary Claire each a new one to load with more music-she has two 2g full, and he has one.  They love music!  He is into fifties and sixties music now-Elvis, Beatles, and all my old ones on my ipod.  Mary Claire is into Christian pop, Taylor Swift, and all the Kids Bop.  If it entertains them on the trip, I'll do it.  I also got some hangman pads, new play-doh cans, and new play-doh foil ziploc packs-sooo much easier to pack!  I like to have some new stuff on hand for restaurants and hotels, just in case.  : )

Oops-my first baby is up-I gotta go! : )  Hope you have a great day!


Meri said...

Have a wonderful trip Holly!

I'm glad your children are having a good time while they are away from you. I know that eases your mind!

Holly said...

thanks, Meri! : ) They are, and it makes it sooo much easier! : )

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Love the new look!
Glad VBS is going well...being somewhere new is always tricky.
I have so got to get some of the foil playdough packs...those plastic canisters drive me nuts!
And yes, it's always good to have good music and fun 'new' toys and activities for a trip...and restaurant waits!!

Hallie Addington said...

First off, I LOVE the new look!

Second, glad to hear VBS is going well! Yay for new friends!

Third, HAVE FUN!!

Fourth, do you know how CLOSE you are going to be to me on your vacation?!? Like REALLY REALLY close!! Are you stopping in Columbus?