Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hey You Guys!  (Do you remember this from Electric Company on public television when you were little?  in the seventies?  Yeah, me neither.  Ha!) Did you know Blogger has given us lots of new fonts to play with?  Well..go on..check it out!  I'll be here when you get back.  I had no idea! : )

I've been busy-I played around with a background for our trip-it's been soooo long since I've changed, so I was feeling less spring-y and more summer-y.  Besides isn't red/white/blue perfect for DC?  I'm kinda theme-y!

I also took two little babies (well, it still seems like they are!) kids to the doctor again.  Ear infections strike again. : (  Ethan has one (his ear with the tube is fine), and Mary Claire has two.  Guess what they do when you've had an ear infection (unhealed) for a extraordinary amount of time (seven weeks?).  They give you two Rocephin shots (one on each hip) and TWO oral antibiotics-YES, all at once.  Yes, all three for her.  When you have a bulging ear drum, have diabetes, and are headed on vacation, they finally pull out all the stops.

We go back for a recheck (yes, of course they want rechecks and copays!) to see if her left ear is better.  If not, another round of shots, and another check after vacation.  Bless her heart.  The things she tolerates.  I think I'll go ahead and schedule more p.e. tubes (pressure equalizing = ear gunk drainage) for her.  I hate to do it so late-she's nine for goodness sakes!  But, I need her to have functioning ear drums in school and as an adult.

I've also been busy making chair cushion covers for my kitchen chairs!  Do you remember that new table I got?  I had lime/chocolate zebra cushions, but now they are too loud (when were they not?!), so I have toned it down.  They are now ivory/cocoa zebra...I just can't change overnight. ; )
Here is a picture of the table/cushions:

Yes, it's late here, and I didn't realize how dark it was!  And, yes, Mary Claire came out (at 11pm!) to see what I was doing. ; )
And, I am hosting Bunco for my group at my house tomorrow night.  I'm excited to have my friends over-they are wonderful and so funny!  I am thinking since I don't have a plan y-e-t for dinner, I'll make the BBQ Pork, and some delish desserts and sangria or something new! : )  That's a great reason to have friends over..all the new recipes!  They are marvelous guinea pigs ; )

I am getting geared up for VaCaTiOn! : )  Let the packing begin (since the kids start VBS tomorrow!)  Who is more excited and who is more nervous?

If you have extra prayer time, PLEASE pray for Laura's super sweet Sophie-she's had colon trouble: Crohn's and pancolitis (entire colon) sooo bad, and some of her colon came out, she's back in the hospital, and now...more tests ; ( PRAY!)

Love you guys! 

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Amy said...

I love both your new site colors AND those awschum seat covers!!!! I can't wait for the St. Louis meet-up to hug you in person! Wait, does that sound weird? Cause I didn't mean it to ;)