Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Camp, Decorating, and YouTube!

Ethan had a week at boy scout camp last week!  I can't say it was great..he sent a letter wondering when we were going to visit him (and mailed it hours before Ches got there)!  It wasn't awful, he got to do sooo much, earned lots of badges, learned, swam, kayaked, and even got cold at night!  But..he doesn't think he'll go next year.  I'm thankful he's honest.  I'm thankful he tried it.  And..he learned about himself.  We'll try something new next year!

Two kids ready to go hike!
Going hiking!

Ethan using a pole to rescue another child.
Ethan practicing water rescue 

Mess Hall!


Good practice for rescue!

I helped another sweet lady with paint colors, flooring, countertops, backsplash..and I've just been brainstorming lately!  She has wood cabinets, trim, and an ivory tile here are my ideas:

I love this rug from Lowe's, this tile backsplash from Home Depot, this pot for flowers or a plant on the kitchen table, and this mixer (because a matching mixer is glam!)..and a good excuse for a new mixer, haha!  She has located a beautiful light quartz counter with a few gray and khaki veins.  Add SW7030 Anew Gray walls or BM HC-44 Lenox Tan, wood trim and cabinets, some white slipcovered chairs at the table and kitchen desk, and some white drapes and/or woven wood blinds..and a fresh redo.  Not too expensive! : )

Here's a gathering of the above:

My precious Sarah Bernhardt peony I grew from root stock!  For Mother's Day three years ago, we got ten..and they are all beautiful!  They didn't bloom the first year..and this year the plants are so strong!  Sometimes we grow deeper roots for a season before we can bloom.  We're gathering nutrients and strength.
I think we are starting a channel!  We are goofy, and unskilled, and have no idea what we're doing, but what the heck.  Our kids are silly..and they make us laugh!  And sometimes we actually make videos about how to do something with diabetes/pumps.  We made a video about reusing a Medtronic 670G sensor after being asked how to go about it..and we decided other people might benefit?  So we'll do diabetes and be goofy.  Maybe we'll learn something in the process?!

That's all I've got, haha!  Pray for your neighbors, literal and not, and give out a couple hugs!

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