Saturday, June 23, 2018

Teas and ParTies!

Good morning!  I'm trying to stay on track, haha!  A few more big moments I need to record for my kiddos when they're all grown.  They love to look back..Carter was looking for a picture of my mom when I was a kid.  He was eating Fruit Loops, and asked what the bird was, ha!  I told him Toucan Sam was in the commercials on television when I was little.  He asked about me and what my mom looked like.  Mom-find a picture please!!

This was at our Mother Daughter Tea party (actually the after party!) at the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks.


I kidnapped Ethan and we went out for a well-visit at his doctor's office and then Freddy's-his favorite burger place! 
Carter played t-ball this year! : )

My friend's entryway I redid! (New mirror, lamps, frames, moss ball, candle holder, wood diamond)
My friend, Tiffany!  I went to her son Joseph's first communion! : ) We have a picture of us riding Square2Square, but this one is better, haha!
Mary Claire just celebrated an entire month of birthday!!  She had dinner at P.F. Chang's, and this was right before dinner. : )

We had cupcakes back at the house after dinner..since she was saving her fancy cake for her party!  And Gatsby was soo thankful that he could join us, haha!

She bridged to Girl Scout Ambassadors in May too!  This is the last level of girl scouts!

Her group with their moms!

We went to play miniature golf one Sunday, and Lukas went with us. : ) We had McDonald's ice cream and yogurt afterward!

This was getting ready for her party..all kinds of light pink!  Pink tulips, pink roses, and white beautiful!

We made a banner the weekend before with strips of fabric in gold, white, and light pink..and los of tulle too!  On top of it in gold glitter, it says, "happy birthday"..but you can't really see it! 
Lots of food..

Everything she, cheese puffs, teddy grahams, fruit, watermelon punch, etc.  It was weird..but exactly what she wanted...and it was HER birthday!

And her cake! : )

Her really good friends!

Ethan was sad he had a December we had a Swim Party just for fun a few days later!!

We went to the Amazeum, and we worked in the Hershey's chocolate lab!  Here is a pod with nibs : )

This is working in a sand table at the Amazeum..the topography map changes as they move the sand around..making mountains and was cool!

And I worked at the NWA Mom Prom!  The proceeds go to JDRF Family Camp every summer!

And Tiffany was my work/volunteer/prom date, haha! : )  Seriously, she volunteered to work with me!
Seriously, a busy and spectacular month!  Two graduations, two parties, prom, decorating, tball games, anniversary, bridging and a tea.. I don't even know if that's all, haha!  We're still sane in June, and I'm totally resting and making up for a crazy month!

Hope you are making it, and you get a quiet season of rest.  Mine is summer, even with the kids home, making late breakfasts (for extra friends too!), and lots of towel washing..I'm super thankful to be off a schedule. Come at me, June!

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