Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Summer, Senior, and Schooltime!

I need to start taking even FIVE minutes just to record our history, haha!  Things happen so fast around here.
Vacation! At the Liberty Bell..Carter needed to see it again!! : )

Catch up: Clay will be a SENIOR!  We already had senior pictures last week. (!!!)  Mary Claire will be a junior, got her drivers license this week!  We made a quick trip to Kansas City on Monday.  Ethan will be in sixth grade, and he and Ches went to Cleveland last week for a father-son trip to the National Sports Collectors' Convention.  Carter will be in first grade, and he's ready for school to start!  He's been riding his own bike, and he's up to 4-5 mile trips!  Talk about some calves.. : )
The Senior.

We're also inviting an exchange student to live with us through the school year!  Marta will be with us till next summer, and we're excited!  She's from Italy, and she'll probably teach us more than we'll teach her.  She's going to school with Mary Claire, and she will be here Saturday! : )
Gatsby, my great Goldendoodle!

Bulletin board for Marta : )

Our family at the Chicago concert for Father's Day!

Grab a camera!!  They are loving on vacation!! : )

Chestnut Hill, PA.  Lovely.

Bike ride to Chick-Fil-A!  Only 17 miles, and 95 degrees! : O
I have been decorating for a couple families, and we moved some furniture into the youth house at church!  It was fun, I got some stuff for it on Monday at IKEA!! : )  Here is some progress on a budget:
Furniture, and the coolest light from IKEA! : )
She's officially a driver!! : )  Hooray!!

Hope your year is full of fun too!  Hugs and prayers as you send your littles (and bigs!) off to school! : ) Woohoo!

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